ESSES: Oakland post-punk/deathrock crew’s Visual Album Release Livestream takes place this Wednesday; ‘Bloodletting for the Lonely’ to be out Friday Tuesday August 3 2021, 5:41 PM
ESSES: Oakland post-punk/deathrock crew’s Visual Album Release Livestream takes place this Wednesday; ‘Bloodletting for the Lonely’ to be out Friday

Join Visual Album Release Livestream Party for the upcoming ESSES’ album, ‘Bloodletting for the Lonely’


Oakland-based dark post-punk/deathrock quintet  ESSES  is all set for the sophomore album,  Bloodletting for the Lonely , due out August 06 th  via  Atakra Records  (US) and  Bat-Cave Productions  (Poland). A  Twitch TV Visual Album Release Livestream Party  hosted by  Davey Bones  of  New Music Mondays  takes place on  August 04th  at  08:00 PM Pacific time On the show, ESSES will be premiering their new album along with 9 exclusive music videos, visualized contents, interviews, live sets by  DJ Miz Margo  and  Adrienne Scissorhands , and special guest artist,  Bestial Mouths .

Tune in at 08:00 PM (Pacific time) on Twitch ( bones_oaklandia )  to join  ESSES  on the   Bloodletting for the Lonely   trip and embrace the darkness together.

Esses bassist Scout Leight expresses:

“So much of the ESSES experience comes from our live performances. Miss Kel bewitches the audience with her hypnotic presence as the guitars and drums crash around her like ocean waves against the rocks and pull back like undercurrents that hide beneath the ocean surface.

“Kel realized the only way we could do justice to our fans and properly convey the emotions and urgency of this recording would be a visual album. And so, in February of 2021, we embarked on a 5-month journey of the band’s most expressive and yet demanding project. As a band and with the support of some creative friends (Akiko of Otzi and Yama Uba, Kristin Cofer, Sung Kim, and others), we have created a video for each song on ‘Bloodletting for the Lonely.’ Each video is truly DIY, self-produced and now an integral component of the album.

“Today, as we approach the Visual Album Premier date, we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and are extremely humbled by the opportunity to bare our souls in this new medium. Looking forward, after tasting what we can accomplish as a band (all while being distanced by a pandemic), we are very excited for what the future holds for ESSES. Whatever it is, we promise it will be special. This is our truth in its purest form. We hope you join us for the Visual Album Premiere.”

PRE-ORDER   vinyl/digital  directly from  ESSES  on  Bandcamp   RIGHT HERE , or BUY CD/vinyl from  Bat-Cave Productions   RIGHT HERE .

ESSES has shared three preview singles so far, and each of them comes with a striking music video:

Watch the “Little Mouse” Music Video  HERE

Watch the “Pierce the Feeling” Music Video  HERE

Watch the “Before the Blight” Music Video  HERE

Formed in 2014, ESSES has gradually become one of the pillars in the thriving Oakland and San Francisco underground. Encompassing elements of deathrock and dark post-punk shrouded under a veil of forbidding doom, Esses captures an atmosphere that is intimate and intense at the same time. The Oakland five-piece — featuring current and former members of Altar de Fey, Black Ice, The Phantom Limbs, Red Voice Choir, and The Holy Kiss — carry through transcendently dark live performances with surreal and sublime vitalities. ESSES has played Poland’s notorious Return to the Batcave Festival in 2019, Oakland’s own Near Dark Festival in 2016 and 2019, and a slew of shows across the US.    

A follow-up to the 2018’s EP, Offering, the upcoming album, Bloodletting for the Lonely, centers around the topics of mental health, memory, and trauma, roaming over the events that are internalized into an unconscious space like a lucid dream and the world around which we cannot escape. The record interprets the psychology of moving through this comatose space as two separate beings inhabiting the same body and archetypal imagery. Emerging with “The Source” and culminating in “Schism,” the record progresses with a continuous storytelling approach throughout the nine meticulously ordered numbers.  

On Bloodletting for the Lonely, ESSES instigates a rivetingly high-powered yet spectacularly emotional outing. Gloomier and heavier than ever, the group extracts out their otherworldly reverb-drenched energies with bone-rattling drums, haunting melodies, and stoic basslines. Together with the bewitching songwriting, the piercing yet evocative vocals of Miss Kel help the tracks conceiving their destined mental image.  

1. The Source
2. Pierce the Feeling
3. Four Corners
4. Infinite Void
5. Before the Blight
6. Little Mouse
7. Faceless Past
8. Caged Beasts
9. Schism  

– ESSES –   
Miss Kel – Vocals, Lyrics
Dawn Hills – Guitars
Skot B – Guitars
Scout Leight – Bass
Kevin Brown – Drums

– Others – 
Recorded and mixed by Skot B at Kempton House Studios, Oakland, CA.
Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.
Artwork and design by Kelly Correll.
Photography by Kevin Brown.
– ESSES –  

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