Help Frank Palangi Rebuild After House Fire - Featured At Arrepio Producoes! Sunday July 25 2021, 9:47 PM
Help Frank Palangi Rebuild After House Fire - Featured At Arrepio Producoes!

Help Frank Palangi Rebuild After House Fire - Featured At Arrepio Producoes ! Check it out here at this link:

On Tuesday, June 29th, Frank’s home was struck by lightning, causing a fire that destroyed his recording studio and rendered his house unlivable. I, on behalf of some of Frank’s biggest supporters, created this fundraising effort to assist Frank as he begins the arduous task of repairing his home and rebuilding the space that has allowed him to pursue his dreams, teach others, and bring people together through his music. 

As many of you know, Frank is a multi-talented guy: singer, songwriter, musician, filmmaker, producer, instructor - the list goes on! He also happens to be one of the most humble, kind, and appreciative people there is. When the pandemic forced the closures of live music venues across the country, Frank began performing live shows online, from the very studio that we are now trying to help him rebuild. He freely gave of his time, energy, and talent because of his belief in the healing and transformative power of music, and fostered a sense of community amongst his fans during a time when we needed it the most. 

Now it’s time for us to return the favor. If you’ve ever listened to one of his songs, seen a music video or fan film, or caught a few minutes of a live performance on social media, then you can understand how devastating a loss like this one is - especially to an indie artist like Frank. 

“I have no plan B in backing down on my dreams.” -FP 

Please join myself and his fan club in making sure that he doesn’t have to.

Frank Palangi is an indie rock recording artist who positively refuses to let a genre go dark. Show the raw acoustic emotional side or set free the driving energetic electric guitar with a feeding frenzy of gravelly, deep n gritty, vibrato vocals. Frank leaves it all on the stage with the passion flowing through his veins saying "I have no plan B on backing down on my dreams".

FFO: Steel Standing, 24 Miles, A New Decree

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"It’s safe to say that the fear has been brought unto us lately, but there is nothing to fear here...unless you’re terrified by a musical virtuoso who has boundless energy, advanced talent, and unyielding determination. Frank Palangi’s latest EP, Bring On The Fear, is the spine-tingles that rockers gladly welcome.​" - BOSTON ROCK RADIO

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