HEXENBRETT premiere new track at "Deaf Forever" magazine's website, set release date for new DYING VICTIMS EP Wednesday July 14 2021, 7:29 PM
HEXENBRETT premiere new track at "Deaf Forever" magazine's website, set release date for new DYING VICTIMS EP

On October 22nd internationally,   Dying Victims Productions  will release  a special new EP from   Hexenbrett ,   Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi , on CD, music cassette, and 12” vinyl formats.  And today,  Deaf Forever   magazine's website   reveals the new track  "Die Teuflischen von Acapulco (Satan Sangre)."  Hear  Hexenbrett 's "Die Teuflischen von Acapulco (Satan Sangre)" in its entirety exclusively  HERE .

It was but May of the cursed year of 2020 when   Hexenbrett  truly came into their own with their shockingly masterful debut album,   Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind zu töten , courtesy of   Dying Victims . While the enigmatic duo of Josto Feratu and Scarlettina Bolétte had definitely turned heads with   Erste Beschwörung   EP in 2019, their debut album’s idiosyncratic kaleidoscope of Varathron, Jean Rollin, Danzig, Goblin, and Van Halen emerged as completely unique and unlike little else around.

Predictably unpredictable,   Hexenbrett  return with a crazed ‘n’ crazy EP that’s the result of canceled concerts and tours: the four-song   Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi . As suggested by its titled, the record is no "beschwörung" but, rather, an intermezzo. Because, for the first time in the brief history of   Hexenbrett , this EP does not feature performances by Josto Feratu or Scarlettina Bolétte. Instead, the tracks were recorded by what had been the live line-up for 2020, but of course under the watchful eyes and ears of the clandestine couple.

Suitably,   Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi   strays some from the   Hexenbrett  sound so far revealed whilst etching the band’s twisted identity even further. With all songs and lyrics written by the duo of Feratu and Bollétte – except for a reverential cover of the early Misfits track "Return of the Fly" – the band’s original material here displays new facets in   Hexenbrett ’s sound: heavier, weirder, more atmospheric and more aggressive. It’s basically more of everything and the most accurate presentation of The Sound Of the Bloody Iris to date, and bloody fucking good no matter how you cut!

While   Hexenbrett ’s previous full-length record featured unexplainable additional sounds in the background of the tracks, the material on   Intermezzo...   had to be re-recorded many times as things got lost continuously. It seems as if Feratu and Bolétte are still haunted from their past… But hark!   Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi   is no taster/teaser of the second   Hexenbrett  full-length. Those mysteries are only known to the duo.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Die Teuflischen von Acapulco (Satan Sangre)" exclusively  HERE ,   courtesy of  Deaf Forever , Germany's defenders of the true.   Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Hexenbrett's  Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi
1. Die Teuflischen Von Acapulco (Satan Sangre) [4:39]
2. Return Of The Fly [Misfits cover] [3:00]
4. Joie De Mort    [3:29]
5. Sadist [5:24]



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