ONIRICA - "Burn the Ashes" - Atmospheric black metal FFO Woods Of Desolation, Panopticon, Drudkh, Deafheaven Sunday July 4 2021, 1:42 PM
ONIRICA - "Burn the Ashes" - Atmospheric black metal FFO Woods Of Desolation, Panopticon, Drudkh, Deafheaven

Italian atmospheric black metal project ONIRICA return with their new album "Burn the Ashes" on July 12th 2021. The group, in its constant state of evolution, has generated an exciting new album reflecting its musical roots in contemporary and classic black and dark metal.

"Burn the Ashes" strikes with precision and purpose, clarity and crush. An atmospheric black metal album filled with a sorrowful tone and a majestic-yet-nostalgic melodicism. The melodies often twist in unexpected ways, exuding a modernity that's palpable, palatable, and exceptionally multi-faceted. The project's songwriting explores all reaches of the sonic spectrum, from slipstreaming speed to rumbling repose, and all is encased in a honest and stripped-down production.

The mood on "Burn the Ashes" is that of awe and subservience to forces greater than any one person can restrain. The songs relish in their own gradual build as well as the smooth delivery of clean vocals to counterpoint the harsh ones. ONIRICA teeters carefully on the balances created by such contrasts, as they always have, but now see increased cohesion and more delicate songwriting.

Based in southern Italy and lead by multi-instrumentalist Andrea Donaera, ONIRICA was founded in 2007, originally inspired by Italian black metal acts such as Forgotten Tomb, Deadly Carnage and Fearbringer. In 2009 the debut album "Cosasonora" was released via US label Beneath The Fog Productions. After a long silence, in 2018 the band reconvened in the studio and started working on a new set of songs which eventually became "Baba Yaga", an experimental EP based on instrumental tracks performed only with digital instruments.

In 2021 ONIRICA came back with the recording of the second full-length: "Burn the Ashes", released by Vacula Productions and BMC Productions. In this album Andrea Donaera is joined by vocalist Giacomo Albanese. The record features seven new original compositions making up nearly 40 minutes of new music that may arguably may be their most ambitious effort to date.

FFO Woods Of Desolation, Panopticon, Drudkh, Deafheaven

Album tracklist:

01. Time in My Hands
02. Elisabeth
03. The Opponent
04. The Violent Bear it Away
05. Blazing (The Left Wing)
06. Dementor's Kiss
07. Songs of Chaos



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