Saskatoon's SAINTVICIOUS' New Single "Stranglehold" Opens Up About Shutting Down from Anxiety Sunday June 27 2021, 8:46 PM
Saskatoon's SAINTVICIOUS' New Single "Stranglehold" Opens Up About Shutting Down from Anxiety

L-R: Charlie Barnard (drums), Madison Erhardt (vocals), Ryan Kimmerly (guitar), Dan Mason (bass), Robyn Dolezsar (guitar)
Photo credit: Brian Snell

I f there’s anything guaranteed in life beyond death and taxes, it’d be living through one-too-many panic attacks. Saskatoon hard rock band  Saintvicious  reflects on their personal experiences dealing with anxiety on their latest single,  “Stranglehold” .

Supported by metalcore-inspired instrumentals and layered vocal delivery, the track’s visually dense lyrics personify anxiety as a separate entity that is given every sacrifice that it asks for, but it’s never enough.

“Some days it’s hard to want to leave your bed,”  guitarist Ryan Kimmerly explains,  “There are those times where you just think ‘What if-’ about every possible thing that could go wrong. And does it ever turn out to be this worst-case scenario that you’ve spent so much time hashing out? Usually not, but anxiety’s like that, right?”

Ryan continues,  “By the time you get to whatever you’ve been obsessing over, you just end up looking for something wrong to prove those ideas in your mind right when really, it’s exactly that - it’s all in your head.”

“Stranglehold”  will be available to stream as of Friday, June 18 on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms at hyperfollow/saintvicious/ stranglehold  

YouTube stream - 

For more info:
TikTok: ZMeGkYpVC/

There’s no denying that the sonic brash of Canadian five-piece Saintvicious lives up to the latter half of their name. With snarling riffs cranked between catchy vocals and tight rhythms, the Saskatoon outfit is an exhibit of hard rock - with all its bruises and attitude.

With a prolific start in the band’s infancy - from performing alongside major artists like Pop Evil and Royal Tusk, to their debut album being placed as one of the Top 10 Saskatchewan Albums of 2020 - Saintvicious is on-sight to grow into the forefront of Canadian hard rock.

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