Goat Sanctuary - "Chthonic" - Reviewed By WOM! Saturday June 26 2021, 11:16 PM
Goat Sanctuary - "Chthonic" - Reviewed By WOM!

Goat Sanctuary - "Chthonic" - Reviewed By WOM ! Check it out here at this link: https://worldofmetalmag.com/wom-reviews-mongrels-cross-artillery-exfiltraitor-hypnosia-storm-siege-primal-creation-vektor-goat-sanctuary/

I don't have much information about this American band – not yet recognized by Metal Archives – beyond their Seattle origins. In sound terms we don't even need anything but just to listen. Thrash raw metal, something groove but not so to give more of the same. There is a primitive element that turns out to be captivating. The EP turns out to be short so you get a more careful and definitive impression but you feel like wanting to hear more. - WOM

Brutal Thrash Metal
The musicians in Goat Sanctuary are from the Seattle area and bonded over their shared passions for Metal. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band. The new EP CHTHONIC was written by Goat Sanctuary, produced by Boomdust and mixed/mastered by Seattle legend, Jack Endino.

Goat Sanctuary was born out of the dark winters of Seattle to explore the deepest sounds of Thrash Metal brought by a diverse array of influences each member has to offer.

FFO: Powertrip, Plague Years, Gravehuffer

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Looking to the Future:
The band is looking forward to playing shows at a venue near you.  For booking info, please contact: goatsanctuaryband@gmail.com

The members are:

Tim Mullen, Drums

Simon Crawley, Vocals

Zach Cook, Guitar

Brent Powell, Bass


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