The Mummy Cats - Wolverine - Featured At MHF Magazine! Saturday June 26 2021, 11:02 PM
The Mummy Cats - Wolverine - Featured At MHF Magazine!

The Mummy Cats - Wolverine - Featured At MHF Magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

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The Mummy Cats have dedicated themselves to music for those about to rock. The newest release “Wolverine” shows the versatile potential of the duo. The atmosphere of Post Rock grinds on the easy-going footwork of Indie Rock while a dark Alternative Rock mood and sophisticated Prog Rock decorations create a wholesome soundscape. A thrilling arc of suspense is responsible for further excitement and thus strongly ties the audience to the song. While the track begins with a rather lofi intro, The Mummy Cats consequently add tension and weight as the song continues. The thrilling choirs and the soothing tunes of the lead guitar might be the catchiest elements in the early phase of “Wolverine”. Weight and intensity increase parallel to a song structure that moves like a sine wave.

The mood is increasingly getting charged and the distortion is rising while The Mummy Cats add layer after layer to make “Wolverine” a wholesome and thrilling sonic experience. When finally, all the built-up tension discharges in the song’s last part, the chorus becomes a liberating and empowering thunderstorm. The distorted Prog Rock finale marks the self-reflected and self-conscious turning point  rom the shy ‘I’m like a Wolverine’ to a confident ‘I am the Wolverine!’. Like Zack De La Rocha in “Killing in the Name of”, James Cox is shouting the frustration off his chest and hence marks the spot where the song’s protagonist finds trust, awareness, and consciousness in themselves.

“Wolverine” is a powerful display of the potential The Mummy Cats have as a band. Their style that easily crosses border of genres creates colorful soundscapes and hence the duo manages to combine many moods and feelings. Also, the impressive game The Mummy Cats play with charging and discharging tense structures of their song is really thrilling. We can only guess what they might hit us with next…

Bio: Is it not fascinating what Craigslist has made possible since the site started in the 1990s. The number of interesting, beautiful, weird, funny, or heart-warming stories or situations connected to the platform are enumerable, and founder Craig Newmark might still be astonished sometimes.

Nevertheless, this is the story of James Cox, who used to work as a power tool salesman in Tennessee and then moved back to his home town Birmingham, Alabama to focus on his major passion music. Via Craigslist, Cox got in contact with guitar player Morgan Liveoak. The two musicians realized that they talked the same language when they were jamming and creating songs together – it was a match! After one and half years of creative and productive work, James Cox and Morgan Liveoak decided to start releasing their music – and then… The Mummy Cats were born.

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