NOCTURNAL HOLLOW - "Triumphantly Evil" - Reviewed By My Revelations! Saturday June 5 2021, 10:46 PM
NOCTURNAL HOLLOW - "Triumphantly Evil" - Reviewed By My Revelations!

NOCTURNAL HOLLOW - "Triumphantly Evil" - Reviewed By My Revelations ! Check it out here at this link:

The fact that the South American metalheads are one of the enthusiastic followers worldwide, has now spread everywhere. What goes on at the respective concerts, the European can cut off a thick slice of. Venezuela is just as hot. The local death metal duo NOCTURNAL HOLLOW has existed for eleven years and has made it to a stately five studio releases during this time. With the new release "Triumphantly Evil" the hook can now be set behind number six. Even though Scandinavia is on the other side of the pond, the well-known Swedish sound on her works is a constant companion. If you didn't know the drummer George Knive, who also drums with the melodic death metal band : EN CARNE MUERTA and frontman/guitarist Jose Rafael Escalante, who gives his best with the death metal combo SERPENTS CHRIST, you would say directly NOCTURNAL HOLLOW come from the land of elk and smörrebröd.

The sound that strikes you on "Triumphantly Evil" has it all again. The scarce forty-two minutes were distributed over a total of eleven songs. Ten times new audio material and with "Necrophiliac" a SLAYER cover. The mixed sound is very fat and lets a few old tree giants elegantly crush with the built-in chainsaw sound. In the tracks, the constant realization grows that the two metalheads are well attuned to each other and give each other enough space to let their fast and aggressive shenanies fully develop. Even after the umpteenth listening run, the massive tracks such as "Baphometh Crown", "Consumed by the Storm" or "In Rapture Of Pain" are still pressing. Even the instrumental "Voices Comes From The Night" is not to be despised. The conclusion with SLAYER "Necrophiliac" cover version is ideal for celebrating. A colossal tribute to the Thrash Heroes, which is pronounced thirty-six years after the HELL AWAITS release of NOCTURNAL HOLLOW. The album, which was already released on 21.02.2021, will now be available for the European market from 04.07.2021. - My Revelations

Nocturnal Hollow, one of the most prolific and consistent groups in Venezuelan metal, returns with its new studio album Triumphantly Evil.

After six acclaimed record labels, both at a Latin American and global level, the distinguished extreme metal ensemble premieres its seventh full-length release, which arrives to definitively consolidate its position as standard bearers of the Swedish Death Metal style in the region.

"We always try to experiment by getting to a level above our abilities," states the band. "The sound approach is the same, always faithful to the roots of Swedish Death Metal. However, we tried to add certain elements of our musical tastes so that the result of this album was different."

The album Triumphantly Evil was released on February 21, 2021. This seventh record of the band is presented as a faster and more aggressive one. Those are the elements that the musicians sought to capture in this record work.

The lyrics of the album deal with Satanist themes, but not from the most literal and diabolical aspect of the concept, quite the opposite. Nocturnal Hollow immerses the listener in the dark and recondite aspects of the human being.

We all have a very dark part within us, side that Triumphantly Evil will help us to wake up. It is time to surface our inner demons.

NOCTURNAL HOLLOW is a Death Metal outfit that originated in Venezuela in 2010. Designed and led by José Escalante, to this day they continue to write brutal content that positions them as references.

Composed of musicians with a long history both in local bands and in international projects, their music recalls the golden age of the genre offering a direct and raw proposal for fans.

They are supported by major record labels that have printed, distributed and played their music around the world. In turn, important zines and blogs have described the music of Nocturnal Hollow as "consistent and competitive to the world market of Extreme Metal".

They are currently promoting their seventh studio album Triumphantly Evil, a record that stands out for its aggressiveness and density. Everything is pushed even further to the extreme.

Category musicians for a group that has a vast trajectory in heavy music, to the point that the media consider Nocturnal Hollow as one of the most important bands in the Swedish Death Metal genre in Latin America.

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TRACKLIST - Triumphantly Evil

1. Shining Blaze of Hell
2. Baphomet Crown
3. Bound to the Gore
4. Down to Void
5. Consumed By The Storm
6. In Rapture of Pain
7. Through the Haze of Dead
8. Voices Come from the Night
9. King of Wrath
10. Remembrance of Murder
11. Necrophiliac (SLAYER cover)

JR Escalante: Guitars, Bass and Vocals
George Knive: Drums

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