Down The Void - Groovy Wolf In The Sky - Featured At Bathory'Zine! Saturday June 5 2021, 8:55 PM
Down The Void - Groovy Wolf In The Sky - Featured At Bathory'Zine!

Down The Void - Groovy Wolf In The Sky - Featured At Bathory'Zine ! Check it out here at this link:

FFO: Motorhead, Tool, Pantera, Alice in Chains

Raw rock straight from the soul. Down the Void are an exciting new band from Toronto, Canada. The fierce three-piece are known for their electrifying performance style and ability to really wow audiences with their spellbinding shows. Thrashing guitars, gritty vocals and hard-hitting rhythms; their signature sound is bold, untamed and dripped in raw rock energy. Inspired by artists like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Pantera and
Alice in Chains, the group blur the line between lo-fi metal and heavy rock. Each band member brings their own unique set of sounds into the mix. On bass we have Nick Wolf who’s progressive approach to playing ensures the band continue to push boundaries and experiment into uncharted territory. On guitar and vocals we have Lou Sky, a dedicated blues man who brings luscious licks and rugged, raspy vocals. Finally we have Groovy T on drums, an all round rhythm wizard who’s always filling the gaps with awe-inspiring fills.

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The band first made their mark back in 2018 with their debut album “Midnight Sun”. The eight track epic set the stage for what would soon be an exhilarating rise through the underground rock scene. They followed up this record in 2020 with the album “Suburban Legends''. Again this cemented them as a fierce force to be reckoned with in the industry. Their latest release “Perpetual Motion” takes us on a adrenaline-drenched thrill ride through the world of heavy rock and beyond. Their songs are all an insight into their unique way of viewing the world. Through their spellbinding songwriting they talk on subjects that are often tough to speak about like loneliness and the demons we face on a daily basis. Their music is for people like them who may feel alone or forgotten. Together they create something completely fresh that’s simply oozing with originality. They endeavor to always go that extra mile for their fans by constantly working to create the best music humanly possible.

The life, the vision:

All members of the group have played in bands since they were kids. They note that music was the only constant in their lives and the driving force behind their existence. It’s gotten them through some of their toughest times and brought them so much joy over the years. The group met five years ago when Lou was searching for a new band following the end of his high school band. He found Groovy T and decided to form a band with him. The two brought in Lou’s old childhood friend Nick and the group was finally complete. The three went on to trailblaze through the Canadian music scene performing shows relentlessly. Following the release of their debut album “Midnight Sun”, the group had some success. Their tracks were featured on radio stations, with them even getting the opportunity to open up for well-known acts like Anvil, Liliac and SevenSpires. Their second album was recorded in the Canadian wilderness after they locked themselves in a cabin for 17 days. Though Covid has put the breaks on them touring and performing this new material, that’s not stopped them from rocking. They are currently working on a four song EP which is due to be dropped in summer 2021. Expect to be hearing a lot more of Down the Void in coming years. 

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