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New Reviews From Extreminal!

New Reviews From Extreminal !

HYLIDAE/Unbreakable Curse (Sangue Frio Produções) This a death/thrash metal band and they fail at the death metal end of things. The vocals are terrible. They have the low growls, which aren’t convincing at all and then go into annoying screeches, which also don’t make the cut. I just didn’t feel it from or from whoever was singing. The music is thrash metal, which actually isn’t bad, it is that wicked razor sharp riffing and speed and power, but the vocals are horrible. To me it isn’t easy mixing thrash and death metal and this band is a prime example. To me if this band lost the death metal growls they be a 100 times better. Info:

DEIQUISTOR/Humanoid (Dark Descent Records) This is typical death metal that sounds like Immolation a lot way down to the vocals of Ross Dolan. The band aren’t doing anything new and to me if your new to the death metal scene this might be something up your alley. It was just ok to me and didn’t do much of anything for me one way or another. Straight forward death metal with no gimmicks. Info:

REVENANT MARQUIS /Below The Landsker Line (Inferna Profundus Records) Ha Ha this has to be a joke. One of the worst black metal bands I have heard in quite some time. This is just like a wall of senseless noise with some clown wailing and moaning in the backround and I’m sure he will say he is “true black metal”! No how about true complete junk. This I’m assuming is a one man band/project as the promo picture is some dude with corpse paint on within some dark cellar or house somewhere. This is like some cheap, bad horror movie and don’t waste your time or money on this and it is not any good trust me. Info:
ANIME TORMENT/Void Terror (Slovak Metal Army) Just what the underground metal world needs, another generic death metal sounding band with trigger like drum sounds. The music is a mix of Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. In other words, bands that have had their sounds copied to death and then some. There is a mix of fast and slower sounds. The vocals are low growls and then those screechy annoying sounds I hate, almost like Phil from Pantera at times. This is pretty much junk and garbage and bands like this, should just go away and find something else to do. Info:

MARASMUS/Necrotic Overlord (Transcending Obscurity Records) I don’t know what it is with a lot of these death metal bands as they can’t write a memorable or catchy song to save their lives. Here is another such band as the songs just fly by with useless speed and nothing catchy or memorable at all. Just generic death metal that after it is over, you remember nothing about the band. As I have said, I need a band to bring something to the table and this is another case of a band that doesn’t at all. Just generic sounding Cannibal Corpse Jr. Info:

HORRIBLE EARTH/Discography 2013 - 2019 (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) This a comp of the band’s debut album, a split 7” and a GG Allin cover too. This is short blasts of speedy death metal with some great vocals. Now this is how is done death metal bands. Crushing riffs and wicked speed along with some great growls and screams by the singer had my loving this. I do wish the songs were a bit longer, but that’s just me. This is a good find by Mike and this is well worth checking out if you like speed and aggression and not many slow parts ha ha. Info:

OMEGAVORTEX/Black Abomination Spawn (Invictus Productions) Holy shit is this one wicked and devastating death/black metal release. 30 seconds in I was hooked. The sound, the feeling, the speed, the intensity, the vocals, and of course the music are all wrapped up into one total pounding over the top metal release not to be missed. This brings back the old days of Possessed, Necrovore, Incubus, older Morbid Angel and just that feeling those band had. This band will just blow your fuckin doors off and knock you out of your seat. This band brought the Thanksgiving dinner to my dinner table. Wow I love it. Info:
Sample track:

WARSIDE/The Enemy Inside (Self Released) Complete garbage with the tough guy Pantera vocal style along with the groove style of thrash and this is just a waste of mine time and will be a waste of your time if you buy this. Bands like this ruin the underground as they just sound like all the same bands playing this style from the past 10-15 years. Recycled junk. Info:
EXTERMINATED/The Genesis of Genocide (Comatose Music) Ha Ha is this band serious. That tin can drum sound is a joke. The music is worthless and the singer just growls in the mic with no feeling or hate. The music on this just totally is so generic it isn’t funny. Nothing worth giving a 2nd listen at all. Let’s just create worthless death metal with a tin can and a singer who goes nowhere fast. Guys surely you can do bester than this I hope. Info:

DIO/Evil Or Divine: Live In New York City (BMG) I have always loved Dio and it was a nice surprise getting this in my email to review. This originally came out in 2005 and was out of print and is now back in print and it has the full concert as well. A mix of Dio solo material, Black Sabbath tunes and also some Rainbow goodies as well. They are all on this phenomenal release. The sound is incredible and Dio is great form on vocals too. A pure heavy metal treat no doubt about it so do yourself a favor and get this. The vinyl is on 3 LP’s too. Info:
DIO/Holy Diver: Live (BMG) We have another double live release from DIO on this release and like the above release it is another must have. Hell I saw this tour at the now closed Phila Spectrum, was back when. He was great back then, and he is great on this too. His voice and the band sound on fire on this and there will never be another like him that’s for sure. You even get a few more classic Rainbow tunes on this that aren’t on the above release. The sound is perfect and god his music is timeless that’s for sure. As the above release this is also available in a 3 Lp form as well. Info:

AFTER EARTH/Before It Awakes (Self Released) God I can’t take this round of horrible death metal bands ha ha. Wow low and behold a band that does the low growls, not good by the way, and those does those annoying screechy vocals behind some groovy death/thrash metal. Just what the world needs and wants. The songs are weak and frail and go nowhere fast trust me. The music just plods along with no direction and no feeling. Just a wall of blah, blah, blah. Info:

MONGREL'S CROSS/Arcana, Scrying and Revelation (Hells Headbangers) Oh now this is what the doctor ordered for my headache from all these bad bands. A ripping attack of death/thrash that should not be missed. Razor sharp riffing and awesome vocals that sound like Mille from Kreator. This is a pure old school riffing attack with speed and power that should not be missed. An old school production too that just makes this that much more deadly. A total devastating release that belongs in your collection. Info:

MERCYLESS/The Mother of All Plagues (Xenokorp) This is the band’s 7th album in 33 years and it is solid death metal with singing like Martin van Drunen. Mostly faster side death metal with crushing riffs and songs that are a lot better than a lot of the other generic crap out there. This band just deliver the goods and deliver it good and hard. There is 11 tracks of balls to the grave death metal and if you grab the CD version you get cover tunes the band does by Hellhammer, Motorhead, Possessed, and Venom. Pick this up of you want some real death metal. Info:

Bleach Everything/Bound/Cured (Dark Operative) A 2 song blast of short and to the point hardcore played the right way. This is like that pissed off style of hardcore back in the 80’s like say The Cromags, Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, etc. A nice and crude production also is on this as well. Brings me back to the way hardcore should be not this pussy crap these days. This will be pressed on a X-Ray flexi disc too. Info:

BLASPHEMATORY/Depths of the Obscurity (Self Released) A US 2 piece death metal band and not a bad one. The band rely more on mid pace with their death metal and break it into some speedy parts and slow almost doom parts at times. The 2 guys in the band, their music isn’t far off the Death “Leprosy” path of death metal and I must say I did enjoy this a lot. Just bone crushing riffing with some impressive death metal vocals courtesy of Joe Aversario, who also plays the bass and guitar on this. I wouldn’t call this a clone band of Death, but yeah they sound like them at times and it’s fuckin enjoyable to my ears so fuck off ha ha. Info:

UPON THE ALTAR/Absid Ab Ordine Luminis (Putrid Cult) Bone crushing, no frills, take no prisoners death metal with blazing speed and power. Rip roaring riffs and just fast pounding to take you to hell and back. This doesn’t let up one bit and will have you smiling and grinning if you love it fast and played with feeling and intensity. The band slow it down here and there, but for the most part they rip you into shreds with speed and the tunes are a pure death metal journey of a ride that you won’t want to get off, I can tell you that. I didn’t that I can tell you. A must have for any fan of death metal. Info:
Sample track:

More info:

FUNERAL FULLMOON/Poetry of the Death Poison (Inferna Profundus Records) Typical generic black metal with the same tired ole riffs and black metal vocals with a low end production and howls and screams from the singer. I found nothing of value on this at all and it has been done to death and then some. Info:

COFFIN MULCH/Septic Funeral (Redefining Darkness Records (N. America) | At War With False Noise (Uk/Europe) Low tuned death metal that wasn’t bad, but is nothing to do a victory dance over. Fast pounding death metal with some nice growl vocals over it. The tunes fly by and this is far from senseless noise, they have that Swedish death metal sound big time and if that is something you love and crave this is your band. I have heard worse time and time again, but this just misses getting like a 8 out of 10 from me and I’d give this a 7 if I would be grading it. Info:

DETRITUS/Myths (Embryo Industries) This was some very weak progressive thrash (the label’s bio) that is so far from thrash it isn’t funny. Slow, plodding tunes with no power behind them whatsoever. Kinda like the last few Metallica releases, which are beyond bad. This just lacks any kind of power punch and has nothing to do with thrash whatsoever. Mid paced metal that went nowhere fast at all. The singer and production were good, but I’d have liked to have heard a bit more crunch and power within the tunes and I got nothing. Info:

SLABBER/Apocryphal Diary (Punishment 18 Records) Groovy heavy metal that lost my interest rather fast. The singer doesn’t have a bad voice, but I hate groove in my metal and this also had that happy sound to it, so this didn’t work for me at all. I’m sure some people will dig this, but it’s just not something I like at all. This is like a normal heavy metal band with groove thrown in the mix. Info:

FUNERAL STORM/SYNTELEIA/The Ancient Calling - split 7" EP (Hells Headbangers) Funeral Storm start things off and their one track is some decent death metal that started off slow and built till they went into speed action for about half the song. Singer was good too as he sang the tune with feeling and conviction. Synteleia kinda bored me as the song just plodded along with no direction and the song was just like a limp, wet rag. Nothing good about it at all. The solo part about 5 minutes in couldn’t even save this band on this track. Info and both tracks to check out below:

SARKRISTAS/Sworn to Profound Heresy (Purity Through Fire) Just what we need in the world of the underground. A bunch of senseless black metal noise with a typical screaming singer who sounds horrible behind some total generic black metal music that goes nowhere fast. Just another going nowhere black metal band that ruins the underground. Info:
Video Clip:

Label info:

LUCIFUGE/Infernal Power (Dying Victims Productions) This is just some down en dirty early style power metal mixing in the sounds of Running Wild, Exciter and Warfare as well. The vocals are actually more in Cronus from Venom style too. The tunes are very catchy and memorable too and very different and not like all this generic crap making the rounds. This is like raw as fuck early 80’s metal with a deep and dark production and this is nasty too. I also could detect a bit of Razor in their music as well. This is just so good on so many fronts and brings out the good ole memories when the underground was king. You can also throw a bit of early punk sounds in their music too. Check out this You Tube video and become a fan:

Label info:

NEKROMANTHEON/Visions of Trismegistos (Hells Headbangers /Indie Recordings) Some pretty nice down and dirty early style 80’s thrash with some solid vocals by the singer. This will take you back to the days of Violence, Dark Angel, Kreator, etc. This is fast and punishing and I was loving it. This is the way thrash needs and should be, not that Pantera shit that kids think is thrash. These guys are the real deal and I love the underground like production which reminds me of the debut album by Kreator. A pure headbanging delight all the way and order this, your neck will thank you. Info:
Video link: 

Label info:

HYPNOSIA/Extreme Hatred (Napalm Records) I don’t know whether Hammerheart Records is putting this out or Napalm Records, but nevertheless this is a re-issue of this band’s 2000 release. This is a re-release of some worthless bad Kreator like thrash/speed metal. It’s one thing to be influenced, but this is total Kreator worship and the problem is, it’s a bad Kreator worship. The songs suck, the singer is bad and the songs sound terrible. All this is, is a bunch of speedy generic thrash that gets old and fast. Info:

SADISTIK FOREST/Obscure Old Remains (Transcending Obscurity Records I didn’t find much to like on this 4 track EP of standard, generic death metal that has been done to death and been done much better before. The band blasts through 4 tracks of standard fare no frills death metal, but they bring nothing to the table for me as this has just been done to death and you also throw in a average at best death metal singer. Nothing of value on this. Info:

KATHRASH/Incident Nonexistent (VA Media) This is not thrash metal, it is that fuckin crappy groove metal shit like Pantera that I hate along with those tough guy vocals and happy riffs behind them. Hey if you like that sort of thing more power to ya, and this will be right up your alley. Me, they don’t play the style even close to a band like Pantera, and the songs are weak and bad and the singer does not even do a good job making the songs work. Terrible job on this. Info:

MP/Get It Now  (Relics From The Past) This is a re-release of this band’s 2nd album way back in 1987 and includes 5 bonus tracks to boot. Fuckin A is this honest to goodness pure power metal with tons of hooks to suck you in big time. Awesome singing by the singer and this is raise your fist studded wrist band heavy metal all the way. I love the guitar sound on this and the just the overall deliver of the tunes and the sound on this as well. This is a great find and well worth a re-release for sure. Info:

WHARFLURCH/Shitslime (Personal Records) A wicked 4 song display of death and doom metal that I quite liked. Speedy riffs and music mixed in with crushing doom like parts with some great low growls of death made this a winner in my book. I love the guitar sound on this as well and the speed parts with have you banging away and the slow doomy parts will have you on your knees crying. Great release here for sure. Wish it was a full length dammit. Info:

KATHRASH/Incident Nonexistent (Self Released) Horrible thrash with some groove, but what really makes it bad are the horrible vocals. The music is at least passable with some decent riffing and speed, but once I heard the vocals I was like “this is bad”. The songs lack no variety and just have that groovy Pantera style of fake thrash to them and this falls weak rather fast. Not for me that’s for sure and this is not “true” thrash in the sense of the word. Info:

WARRIOR PATH/The Mad King (Stormspell Records) Simply godly heavy metal with insane vocals by singer Daniel Heiman. He is so spot on it’s not funny and he sings the songs with such passion and such style I was totally taken in the minute his vocals came in. The music is a mix of some Dream Theatre at times mixed in with traces of power metal. Oh this album could easily be one of the best releases of 2021 hands down and yes it is that good. Everything on this is perfect. Info:

LADEN SAINT/Same (Stormspell Records) Apparently this band was formed in the mid-80’s and never released anything and here they are back in 2021 with an album on Stormspell. Now most bands who record new material that were back in the 80’s suck, but this band, no way. This is classic balls to the wall old school power/heavy metal in the vein of say a Liege Lord. Also doesn’t have that new sounding production, which I also liked. The singer has a thick, powerful voice and he fits right in the band’s music that they are playing. This is straight ahead wrist studded, fist banging, heavy metal at it’s finest. Info:

HECATOMB/Horrid Invocations (Invictus Productions) Crude, raw as fuck (demo sounding production baby) of some punishing death/thrash with those razor sharp riffing and death metal screams that sound like King from Deceased. This will just blast you into hell and back with the power and fury it has. Those screams will tear into you and combo of death and thrash on this just rules. Reminds me of those great days of the 80’s with the demos coming out left and right. If your old school then this is right up your alley, you old motherfucker. Info:

WHIPSTRIKER / ICE WAR/Self Titled Split (Helldprod Records) Whipstriker offer up 3 tunes of old school metal mixing in some early Venom and Motorhead and some mixes of 1st album Slayer. It's nothing super great, but it is kinda cool. Ice War are more like an early punk band sound and the singer is terrible. I don't think he fits the music at all and I didn't feel it when he was signing. The music sort of is like the Sex Pistols at times as well and it didn't grab me upon a repeated listen. You can listen for yourself at the below link

UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION/Decennium Ruinae (Willowtip Records) Just what the underground needs and craves, another lets sound just like Cannibal Corpse and the million of other bands that have sounded like them before. The singer is terrible and the trigger like drum sound isn't far behind. The only decent thing on this is the guitar solos. Another band to throw in the pile of complete rubbish. Info: 

CONSUMED BY VULTURES/Pseudobiblion (Rising Nemesis Records) Groovy death metal with the annoying screechy death metal vocals that are sung over death metal vocals. WTF. Complete garbage and the groove mixing in with your death metal doesn't score points with me. It's like a death metal version of Pantera. Thanks but no thanks. I'll pass. Info:

HYLIDAE/Unbreakable Curse (Sangue Frio Produções) This was a weird release, but not a good one. The music just goes nowhere and the singer with his low grunts and then screams just nothing at all. The music is just bland and it is weak like thrash metal with nothing catchy or strong on this at all. I need a hook or something to suck me in and this doesn't do that for me. Info:

WITCHFUCK - Black Blood Baptism (Godz Ov War Productions) Ripping thrash/black metal, the vocals and at times the music, that was catchy and powerful. This band has the old school sound too and it's sort of like old Venom as well. The band mix in some slower parts and faster parts too and the songs are memorable and catchy too. The singer sings his heart out as the hate spews out with a fury too. The band also tears through a Behemoth cover tune called "Pure Evil and Hate" and they crush it. Great release by this band. Info:

BAALBERITH/Manhunt (Godz of War Peroductions) This to me was a below average death metal band with a horrible singer and the tunes did nothing and the music was flat. Nothing to get excited or make me stand up and get excited. Just another faceless band in the death metal world. Info:

SYMBTOMY/Demo #1 (Immortal Souls Productions (Europe)/ Frozen Screams Imprint (USA) Total old school swedish death metal on this. This is like how death metal was in the 90's and the riffs will tear through you and the vocals are pure delights of death metal all the way. The guitar sound is totally crushing and I love the production and just everything on this. 3 tracks of death metal the way it should be. Info:

OBSOLETE/Animate//Isolate (Unspeakable Axe Records) Horrible drum sound and the guitar is buried on this. The vocals were terrible and the songs were flat as a pancake. Nothing memorable on this death metal release as it is just pretty much garbage. Nothing on this will make you stand up and take notice I can tell you that. Below generic band. At least they don't sound like Cannibal Corpse Jr, but the music is like a bad trying be technical death metal band. Info: 

 WITCH HUNT/Rock n´Roll Possession (Dead Center Productions) Let's first get things sorted out. This is not the Witchunt from the US, who were death metal years ago. This is not speed metal as the label claims, but I'd say more in the power metal vein. I'd throw them in the same breath as Agent Steel with all the high pitched vocals going on. I wish the guitar sound was up more as the bass is way up there and takes away from the thrashing riffs. The tunes are old school in nature and are catchy and the vocals are solid as well. He doesn't have an annoying sound to him and if you like Agent Steel, Savage Thrust, Hades, etc you'll enjpy this too. Info:

REAPER/The Atonality of Flesh (Iron Bonehead) Simply played heard it all before and then some black/thrash metal that I am really starting to get sick of hearing. It's that simple mix of old school thrash/death and some black metal vocals and sorry but I have heard this done about 200 tikes over the past 2 years and I'm about done with bands like this. Can you bring something to the tabe to eat and not just the same stuff over and over. Info:
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