International Promo: Sylphorium Records - Latest Releases! Sunday May 16 2021, 11:49 AM
International Promo: Sylphorium Records - Latest Releases!

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HELL –BORN “Natas Liah” CD
SR 057 CD - Worldwide Jewel Edition
NEW ALBUM from Polish Icon – Old School Death/Black Metal.

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BLACK ALTAR “Suicidal Salvation”/“Emissaries Of The Darkened Call” CD
SR 052 CD - Worldwide Jewel Edition
Extreme Black Metal From Poland/UK

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PROFANE CREATION ““We are back from the Hell” CD
SR 050 CD - Worldwide Jewel Edition
Brazilian Kult formed 1991. - 100% Raw and Occult Black Metal.

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IMPIETY "Versus All Gods" CD
SR 055 CD - Colombian / South- Central American Jewel Edition
Blackened War Beasts from Singapure.

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Potemtum and Solitude “Goodbye My Love!” CD
SR 054 CD - Worldwide Jewel Edition
Post-Depr Black Metal & Emotional Blackgaze from Colombia

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