OUT SOON! Vallendusk - "Heralds of Strife" (Northern Silence Productions) Wednesday May 5 2021, 7:13 PM
OUT SOON! Vallendusk - "Heralds of Strife" (Northern Silence Productions)

Vallendusk is a melodic/ Epic Black Metal band hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. The band was formed in 2011 and consists of vocalist & lyricist Rizky (ex-Valefor), lead guitarist/main songwriter Valendino Mithos (ex- Bloody Gore, ex- Funeral Inception), rhythm guitarist/songwriter Danang Sugianto (ex-Valefor) and drummer Derrick Prawira (FromHell, Proceus).

The band cites the mid-90s wave of Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal and doom as their main source of inspiration, both musically and aesthetically. They also draw influences from classical, ambient, martial hymns and folk music of all kinds.

Since Indonesia is still considered by many to be the most low-key country and geographically disadvantaged on the global Black Metal map, as anyone can imagine, there aren't many (maybe any?) independent metal record labels in their home country that market/distribute their releases overseas. Therefore, shortly after completing their self-titled debut EP in late 2011, the band realized how important it was to sign with a well-known label in the genre, as it would help them so much in making people aware of who they are and what they do. The band was actively self-promoting their music during this time, which led to a deal with the Chinese label Pest Productions.

In 2012, the EP was released and received good responses from listeners and critics alike. A year later, the critically acclaimed debut album "Black Clouds Gathering" was released, leading to huge feedback and interest from all over the world. Two years after the highly acclaimed "Black Clouds Gathering" the band signed a contract with Northern Silence Productions. The band's second album "Homeward Path" was then released in June 2015, delivering a more complex and dynamic album that still retains soul and character like its predecessors. It's about daring to push things a little further than people expect without losing yourself.

It has always been the nature of the band to take things a step further with each album. They want to see every album as an individual point of musical evolution, a link in a chain that hopefully leads to new ideas later on. Thus, the third album “Fortress of Primal Grace” turned out as the band’s strongest output so far. Listening to this 60 minutes-album felt like running ten kilometers but with the excitement of pure joy. There are many remarkable passages on the album which lift the songs to a completely different level. All the riffs and melodies are flowing, extrapolated from each other, building and releasing their energy, moving through ups and downs with smooth joints & breaks in between, and climaxing several times.

With the latest, their 4th album, entitled "Heralds Of Strife", Vallendusk once again created a triumphant and uplifting album that is more optimistic in approach and delivery than your average Black Metal release. The songs are classic-styled Melodic Black Metal, but with a modern, somewhat brighter sheen than normal, allowing the band to bring in their own personality and individuality, distinct from so many others.

The first press of the CD comes as Collector’s Edition in digipack with 8-page booklet, limited to 1000 copies. The cassette tape is limited to 100 copies.
Rizky – Vocals, Lyrics
Valendino Mithos – Lead Guitar, Songwriter, Composer
Danang Sugianto – Rhythm Guitar, Songwriter, Composer
Derick Prawira – Drums, Arrangement
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Bandcamp: vallenduskmusic.bandcamp.com
Facebook: facebook.com/vallendusk

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