COREY TAYLOR Would Give Up A GRAMMY Win For Our Country To Figure S**t Out' Friday November 17 2017, 12:00 AM
COREY TAYLOR Would Give Up A GRAMMY Win For Our Country To Figure S**t Out'

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor recently spoke to Ladies Of Metal about his new book called "America 51". He said (see video below): "It's essentially my take on the political divide going on in this country. It's me encouraging people to kind of cut out the noise on either side. 'Cause it seems like the extremists are kind of screaming on the tops of our head — whether they're screaming 'fake news' or this and that, but it seems like the majority of us in the middle have a little bit of conservative and a little bit of liberal. And that's fine — there's nothing wrong with that — but we let all these talking heads talk for us instead of talking to each other, which is weird, because social media has made it even easier for that to happen. So my book is essentially me saying, screw all that noise. Cut all that shit out. Let's turn to each other, let's put our fucking phones down — which I'm just as guilty — and talk to each other so we can get on the same page and maybe start moving forward with stuff a little easier, a little better and we can also make some sense of this fucking insane shit, what's going on right now. And it's kind of fucked up, because every day something happens [where I go], 'Fuck! I could have put that in my book.' [Laughs] It is what it is."

When the interviewer pointed out to Corey that "there's too much hate right now," the singer said: "There's too much hate, and honestly, there's too much ignorance as well. Because the hate comes from somewhere, and until you understand where that comes from and can explain to someone, on their terms, why they're incorrect, there's no way that you will be able to change people's minds. And some of them you just never will be able to, and that's on both sides. However, some people are just misinformed, and when that happens, you can actually reverse that and get people the correct information and really show them how, 'No, it's not fake news.' 'No, it's not this, it's not that. This is actually what's happening.' And, unfortunately, it feels like a lot of people are voting against their own best interest sometimes. So, yeah, it's tough. It's probably one of the toughest times we ever had in this country. And I'm hoping the tide turns next year. We'll see. We'll see."

Taylor, whose book is is subtitled "A Probe Into The Realities That Are Hiding Inside 'The Greatest Country In The World'", suggested that he would be willing to go great lengths to see the U.S.A. enter a less divisive period in the coming years.

"You wanna talk about fingers crossed, I would give up a Grammy win for our country to figure shit out," he said. "That's how strongly I feel about that."

SLIPKNOT has been nominated for a Grammy Award seven times in the past two decades, picking up the "Best Metal Performance" gong for track "Before I Forget" in 2006.

"America 51" was released on August 8 via Da Capo Press. The book was described by its publisher as a reflection of how touring with bands has taught Corey "what it means to be an American in an increasingly unstable world." Via Blabbermouth

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