Motherslug - Review! Saturday January 21 2017, 2:53 PM
Motherslug - Review!

OK, first off if you accept never heard Motherslug before you are seriously missing out! This band leads you into the world of Deep Purple meets Black Sabbath meets Blue Oyster Cult and so many more different influences I can hear mixed up in this. They pull you into this fuzzed out psychedelic world of auditory sensation that literally makes you feel stoned and yes its on vinyl (I know you were already wondering!) You can purchase this album from the epic NopSlip Records and the packaging is brilliant! The album came with buttons, stickers and all kinds of material. It's pressed on a beautiful splatter wax design and from what i have heard every album is unique and different as well. Grooving riffs, catchy songwriting, and melodies wrap this album up into what i would totally give a 10/10 no shitting you on this one! Hear it for yourself here.


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