Corners Of Sanctuary Interview 2017 Saturday March 11 2017, 1:25 PM
Corners Of Sanctuary Interview 2017

As our world enters into the second decade of the new millennia, music continues to be a driving force in all our lives. More than just a backdrop lost in the noise, music is the marker of the many milestones along our journey through life. Each and every moment in time can be linked to a memorable song, an inspirational melody or the emotionally charged lyrics of our favorite songwriter. Music is the energy that moves our lives - it is powerful. Music is universal. Music is forever.
Corners of Sanctuary was formed in early 2011 after members of a previous band, Seeker, regrouped in 2010 to celebrate the band’s anniversary. The reunion spawned a desire that brought members Sean Nelligan, James Pera and Mick Michaels to begin working together again. Vocalist Frankie Cross was added to complete the line up. Each member had honed their craft while playing in several Philadelphia-area based bands. The need to return to their roots was apparent. With a direction and a sound that by now was inherent to each, Corners of Sanctuary (C.O.S.) began writing and rehearsing all original material. On Friday, March 30, 2012, C.O.S. released their six-track EP, Forgotten Hero. The EP received national acclaim at SD Metal.
A fan video for the title track “Forgotten Hero” was produced using a variety of clips which includes images supplied to the band by personal friends who served in the armed forces overseas. .

The band released a full-length CD titled Breakout which dropped worldwide on June 19, 2012, The first single “Sanctuary” was received with positive reviews and was accompanied by a music video - . “Sanctuary” was quickly followed up with the next single “Wild Card” which also was made into a video: . The band also released the track “Juggernaut”, that hit the airwaves strong and was followed by a supporting video: .

C.O.S. promoted the disc’s release with a string of private shows and radio interviews. Since the release of Breakout, C.O.S. has been working with La Mazakuata Records to expand the band’s fan reach in Mexico, Central and South America. C.O.S. appeared on La Mazakuata Records’ compilation release Metal Invasion Chapter Two, which released December 15, 2012. The songs “Sanctuary” and “Cross of War” appear on the disc.

C.O.S. released the Holiday EP December Wind on November 1, 2012 which includes an all new, all original track “December Wind”. Also featured on the EP are cuts from previous releases and the first single, from the January 22, 2013 CD release Harlequin, “Angels Only Dare”. A portion of sales from the Holiday EP had been donated to cancer research. A video for the “December Wind” single was also produced: . Two follow up editions of of the Holiday EP, "Merry Metal Xmas I and II" have also been released in 2013 and 2014.

C.O.S. supported the Harlequin release with a string of live performances and interviews during 2013. Before the year was out, however, the band released their third album "Axe to Grind" under the La Mazakuata records label and toured throughout 2014 in support as well as supporting noted artists such as Anvil and David Shankle (Manowar, DSG). The "Axe to Grind" was later picked up by the Germany based company, Pure Steel Records, in late 2014 and re-release din Europe.

In 2015, Corners of Sanctuary embarked on their "Metal Machine Tour" as the band prepares to release their fourth album under Metalizer Records in Germany, During the first leg of their travels the band supported noted artists such as Saxon and Damon Johnson. "Metal Machine" has been mastered by famed producer and Death Dealer guitarist Stu "The Hammer" Marshall. In the calm before the storm of the new album's release on October 31, 2015, C.O.S. released the EP "Prelude to War - The Japan Demo" as a FREE MP3 download on their website in July 2015. This EP features eight tracks.

In August 2015, Corners of Sanctuary was named Rockwired Magazine's Artist of the Month as well as gracing the cover of Spain's Heavy Riffs Magazine. More is to come... stay tuned!

The band's fourth album "Metal Machine' released on October 31, 2015 through Metalizer Records located in Germany. Three music videos support the album: "Left Scarred", "Wrecking Ball" and "Tomorrow Never Comes".

Drummer Sean Nelligan stepped down from the band in May 2016. Corners of Sanctuary hired Mad T from the band Powerless Rise, who had performed with the band multiple times over the past two years, to fill in the position. Work on a new album, slated to release sometime in 2017, has already begun and the band is currently in the studio.

Driven by the power and inspiration given to us by music, Corners of Sanctuary finds itself on the threshold of rebirth. Forged in the fires of classic Heavy Metal, C.O.S. comes full circle as the sound of yesterday lives again as the sound of today. Hard hitting, head banging, straight forward Heavy Metal is the mission - nothing less will do. Old School is back with a vengeance....It's is the New Wave of American Heavy Metal... Metal has returned!

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