Metalomaniacs Interviewed By MHF! Monday March 29 2021, 5:52 AM
Metalomaniacs Interviewed By MHF!

Metalomaniacs Interviewed By MHF !

Greetings for MHF and Colorado! How are you this fine day?

Hey guys, my name is Pedro Antunes, I’m the guitarist and producer of Metalomaniacs. We are from Brazil and we play any kind of metal we want to. I am fine despite all this pandemic situation, especially here in Brazil, where things are out of control. Thank you for this opportunity! English isn’t my mother language and we don’t speak it in Brazil. I will do my best!

It is no secret Brasil loves Metal. What are some of your earliest memories of Metal music? How did it shape you as a musician and as a person?

I was born in 81 and if you think it was painful following your favorite bands and artists back then, just imagine how it was in Brazil! It’s not because we used to live in the jungle because it’s not true. The majority of Brazilians live in cities, but we didn’t have much information reaching us. Just a couple of magazines, something happening on MTV, and one or another radio show. We were always trading magazines, CDs, sharing our knowledge about bands. But the most pleasant memory I have was going to the local bands' concerts. Terrible venues, horrible amps, hot beer (yes we were able to buy beer even as a minor age ahahah) but we were happy and we didn’t even know about that. So I decided to play guitar to perform in those places. I never did because they closed before I made it. While some musicians dream about stadium concerts, I want to play in a crowded, hot, stinky, and crazy underground small place.

Regarding your album Last Day on Earth …to me, it is a straight-forward Metal record, a great introductory to the old school Metal world…yet it a bit different. In your opinion, what “new flavor” do you bring to the table? Tell us all about the album.

We released our first album as a unique project with Portuguese lyrics in 2016. However, by the end of 2018, I decided to gather some friends and make it a solid band and release it in English. I changed the lyrics, melodies, but I kept the structure and almost all the riffs. We used the same recorded drums for this one. I think I was able to bring a mix of my influences, from classical Metal to thrash Metal. The album isn’t monotonous. It’s not a homogenous Metal album. It has different textures, subjects, and approaches. When I composed the songs, I decided to make music that I like to listen to, I didn’t think about the audience. And we did it all by ourselves. It is a homemade album. If we can do that alone, we can do more if we have a label supporting us.

Listening to Last Day on Earth, you are obviously are well-practiced. Tell us about your musical background. Any formal training? I hear some obvious 80’s Thrash influences, but any influences that might surprise us?

I started to play guitar when I was 14 years old. My teacher was a cool bluesman with a Berkley formation. I stay with him for 4 or 5 years, and then I kept as a self-taught. I play guitar and classical guitar. From Metal, you are totally right. I have influences from thrash Metal, just as I have from hard rock, classic Metal, classic rock, speed Metal, heavy Metal, and all rock and Metal subgenres. But I’m Brazilian and I have a lot of Latin music as an influence too, but I didn’t bring it to this album. I’m working on new songs and I expect to put some Brazilian colour on Metal. I don’t think I surprised anyone, but I admit that I like some country music and I have a huge admiration for some country guitarists like Brad Paisley and Danny Gaton.

The guitar tones remind me of Alejandro Silva, an amazing Chilean guitarist. Obviously, Chile and Brasil are very different places but, musically, what is the common thread running through South America and how does it impact the Metal world? 

Bearing in mind that Brazil is a Portuguese-speaking country, we have a division in South America. There is a Spanish-speaking music scene and the Brazilian scene. Sometimes one or another band can make some success on another scene, but in general, it is well defined. The common thread is that South America has the best audience for Metal in the world. Just watch any DVD recorded here and you will see all the crazy and insane people on top of each other. So the Metal breaks the barrier and every band in the Metal world wants to tour and record a live concert here in South America.

How is the Metal scene in Brasil? The music scene in general? 

Despite we have the most Metal and crazy audience in the world, the Metal scene here is very weak. The music scene in Brazil is flooded with regional music and international pop artists. So we have to build an audience outside Brazil first to be known by the Metalheads in Brazil. Here, Metal is truly underground. But I’m not a romantic guy, artists need money. They need to pay the rent, food, transportation and make music is very expensive. To be a good musician is very expensive. And in Brazil, everything about music is more expensive than in the USA or Europe. We earn money in BRL and we have to spend in USD plus taxes.

Tell us about the album cover art. It is intriguing, yet a bit disturbing…in a good way. 😊

My sister is a photographer and she took that picture years ago and I don’t know for what reason. She posted on Instagram. When I was thinking about the album cover, I remembered that picture and it made sense in my head. I think it’s a little bit of Robbie Zombie movies… “Let’s put a rabbit mask, go nowhere, and do whatever we want to”. But the interpretation is open and that’s what I like in this cover. It’s is your last day on Earth. What you gonna do?

Tell us about your songwriting/recording process. Where do you get your ideas? How does each member contribute? 

Well…This album was entirely composed by me. So the other members contributed with their interpretation, energy, and personality. I’m always recording riffs and I like to revisit them and make them an entire song. After that, I put on some midi drums to feel it, to hear the dynamic, changes, moods, everything. I have to use my car every day in my city, Brasília, the capital of Brazil, so I’m always listening to my own songs and trying to figure out what they are trying to say to me. After I get the chorus of the song, I write the rest of the verses. For the new album, we are doing something more collaborative, but the cervical spine of the songs stills on me.

If you could be in any other band at any point in time, what band would it be?

For the money, Rolling Stones. For Metal, Testament. For fun, Guns, and Roses.

As usual, I must ask, if I were to visit Brasil, what is the one thing I simply must see?

Some Brazilians would say Rio de Janeiro, but there is no other place in the world like Lençóis Maranhenses. And I have been to more than 40 countries in my life. It is like a huge sand desert with thousands of hot water rain small lakes. Google it.

We thank you for your time and wish you all the best. Any parting words for our readers?

Thank you Metalheads Forever for this opportunity. I had a lot of fun. Listen to our new album Last Day On Earth, give us a shot. Follow us on the main social media, just type Metalomaniacs and you will find us. We are already working on 3 new songs and I hope to release them by July. We’re available for a recording contract, interviews, airplay, album reviews, partnerships... We're passionate about our music and look forward to hearing from you. . Keep safe and I hope to see you at our concert when all this madness is over!

Metalomaniacs is a metal band from Brazil and they have just launched their first all English Album, called “Last Day On Earth”. They are new to the scene and hitting the ground running, reaching out to all metal heads all across the world! The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the guitarist Pedro Antunes at his own home studio — Panga Studio. He also composed all songs and lyrics and recorded all bass and guitar tracks.

Check out the new single on Spotify and add it to your playlists!

Today the band is formed by Mateus Durans on vocals, Pedro Antunes on guitars, Marcelo Ribeiro on bass, and Cézar Santon on drums. They are already looking forward and have started to plan the second album for next year. Meanwhile, they are recording videos for every song on the album. Once again, directed, produced, and edited by Pedro Antunes.

Genre Description: The new album "Last Day On Earth' is more like the '80s and '90s metal, however, the main concept of the band is to be a maniac for metal. Doesn't matter the subgenre, they like distortion, and they will play whenever and whatever they want to without compromise.

Influences: Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Anthrax, Annihilator.

The release date for the album: Last Day On Earth was released on 1st November.

Here is the introductory page with all the links and sample contents:

Check out the videos:

· Metalomaniacs II:

· Into Hellfire:

You can find more about them on their social media pages:

You can also listen to their album in all the main streaming platforms:


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