INCARCERATION: Brazilian/German death metallers premiere "Beneath the Chains of Existence" single, new EP "Empiricism" out soon Thursday March 25 2021, 7:05 PM
INCARCERATION: Brazilian/German death metallers premiere "Beneath the Chains of Existence" single, new EP "Empiricism" out soon

As   Dawnbreed Records   prepares to release the highly anticipated new EP from Brazilian/German Death Metal quartet   INCARCERATION ,   Toilet Ov Hell   is hosting the premiere of its new single,   " Beneath the Chains of Existence " . Check it out   HERE !

INCARCERATION   will release  "Empiricism"   worldwide on   April 16th, 2021  on vinyl, CD, and cassette.

The first single off the EP, "Psychic Totality" , was premiered via  Cvlt Nation   last month. Get obliterated   HERE !

With 21 minutes, the record presents four brand new tracks and officially introduces the two new guitarists   Pedro Capaça (Violator)   and   Alex Obscured (Speedwhore, Obscured by Evil) .

The cover illustration was signed by   Rodrigo Salvatierra , and each song has its own illustration by   Jenglot Hitam . It is the band's most creative and audacious - yet raw - production to date. The rawness achieved breaks with modern standards, so the material is recommended especially to underground extreme '80's demo-tape' worshippers.

Daniel da Silva
  (vocals/bass) paints the context:  “CATHARSIS (2016) aimed to clean our 'Selves' through transmutation in the form of extreme art. It worked beyond expectations, and the harvest was generous. Micha and I transformed the reality around ourselves through our music and wild artistic and personal ambitions were achieved. EMPIRICISM (2021) is about the wisdom acquired through this journey. The experience was now embraced as a hermetic yet boundless artistic challenge, and from a solid duo line-up, we turned INCARCERATION into a quartet, focused on delivering together our most audacious sonic visions and concepts to date. Thanks to the honorable addition of our new guitarists Pedro Capaça (Violator) and Alex Obscured (Obscured by Evil, Speedwhore), we recorded/mixed everything by ourselves, alone, in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alex mixed and analog mastered our efforts, resulting in our most natural and raw production to date. Our crude and most aggressive emanations purposely reflecting the rawness of existence, and quoting Kundera, reflecting ‘the sketch that is our life’".

Michael Koch
  (drums) synthesizes:  “The concept of Empiricism deals with our personal journey towards the inevitable and all therein that may be explored. A catalyst from the depths of the subconsciousness. Through conquest and manifestation of the mind inside a dying vessel, we want to strengthen the passion and willpower in the here and now. It is a monumental Fragment that reflects our pilgrimage into the nucleus of our individual existence. Liberate / Transmutate / Remanifest”.


1. Chthonic Pulse
2. Psychic Totality
3. Beneath the Chains of Existence
4. Chasms of Metaflesh

EMPIRICISM (Pre-order Vinyl/CD/Tape + Teaser Video): incarcerationdeath

Vinyl (Worldwide / Dawnbreed Records): 

Only 500 copies: (200 black/red vinyl & 300 black)
12", 12 page booklet, 405gr jacket

The 200 copies on red/black will be hand-numbered

Includes free bandcamp download-code

CD (Worldwide except Brazil / Dawnbreed Records):
Jewelcase, 12 page booklet

CD (South America / Misanthropic Records): 

Tape (Worldwide except Asia / Lycanthropic Chants):
33x in papyrus/bone color + slipcase (SOLD OUT)
66x in red + slipcase
100x in red without slipcase
All copies hand-numbered
Includes free download-code

Tape (Asia / Deadly Throat Productions):
100 hand-numbered tapes



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