BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD “God & Beast” sold out in 2 weeks! Wednesday March 24 2021, 7:00 PM
BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD “God & Beast” sold out in 2 weeks!

Norwegian black death metal band BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD have recently released their debut album “God & Beast” on vinyl via their own label MJØLNIR MUSIC NORWAY.

Only 300 hand-numbered copies of the vinyl edition were pressed. Every single copy of the vinyl was also signed by all band members! The release sold out pretty fast, with the edition sold out only in a couple of weeks! The band now hopes this release will become an interesting item for record collectors.

Vocalist/bassist Kristian “Dr. Doom” Kjelsberg says: “We wish to thank all the people who bought the album from us directly. We truly appreciate your support! Also, we got a lot of help from Stian “Occultus” Johansen from Old House Records, who has an amazing network in the global metal underground. He helped us spread the release all over the world. We are very grateful”.

“God & Beast” has mostly been met with very favorable reviews in the metal underground worldwide. The CD version was released by METAL BLAST RECORDS in Berlin, Germany – and is still available.

The album is also available on all the major streaming platforms.


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