Belushi Speed Ball to release glow in the dark vinyl and Dunkaroo single Monday March 22 2021, 4:58 PM
Belushi Speed Ball to release glow in the dark vinyl and Dunkaroo single


There are bands who do things by the book…and then there is Louisville, KY’s own   Belushi Speed Ball , who have successfully thumbed their collective nose at conformism since 2013.   Belushi Speed Ball   play an aggressive brand of crossover thrash, but their focus on absurdity and unorthodox aesthetics allows them to stand in a category of their own creation.

Notorious for thrashing (and trashing) venues with their eccentric theatrical performances, every   Belushi Speed Ball   live experience is deliberately very different from the one prior. In the words of   Leo Weekly , “Watching a   Belushi Speed Ball   show is a lot like going to a pro wrestling event. There are costumes, outlandish characters and antics, raw energy and the key ingredient: an involved audience.” This same eclectic attitude has been applied in all aspects of the band’s existence: thusfar,   Belushi Speed Ball   has made an effort to release their music on notably obscure media. Prior efforts include an album on a comic book, a working album for Gameboy Advance, and a single housed within the bowels of a Furby. Keeping with non-conformist tradition, their latest, a double EP entitled,   Stella 1 and Stella 2,   was presented on (literal!) tapestry, which included an informational VHS tape. Where, one might ask, could you possibly go from there?
As expected,   Belushi Speed Ball   found a way to deliver the goods. A glow-in-the-dark 12” vinyl version of   Stella 1 and Stella 2   was held hostage until the band could find the optimal format upon which to house the lead single--which, in typical fashion, ended up being deliciously nonsensical. "We Are Not Thrashers, We are Hipster Posers," is currently available on everyone’s favorite 90’s nostalgic dunkable cookie:   dunkaroos . Nothing but   Betty Crocker ’s finest. Never lax in the oddity department,   Belushi Speed Ball   have also determined that one lucky fan who pre-orders the glow-in-the-dark   Stella 1   and   Stella 2   vinyl will receive the guitarist’s personal test pressing, which will come in a special vinyl jacket autographed by the band members cats--including Senor Diablo’s dead cat, Richard.
The dunkaroos-dwelling single and glow-in-the-dark vinyl can be ordered and pre-ordered at   Belushi Speed Ball ’s   bandcamp . If you need a prod in the right direction,   check out the dunkaroos single in action !
Stella 1 and Stella 2   was mastered by Joel Grind (of   Toxic Holocaust ) and recorded and mixed by Chase Bensing. The original album art was created by Mxtro Catpiss, while alternative artwork for vinyl comes courtesy of Andrei Bouzikov, who is responsible for   Municipal Waste ’s   Art of Partying   and   Toxic Holocaust ’s   Chemical of Consciousness.
Belushi Speed Ball   is:
Vinny - Guitar/Vocals
Senor Diablo - Vocals
Kyle - Guitar
Jazzy - Bass
Daniel Neel - Drums
Belushi Speed Ball   can be found:
Youtube   ( The Se ñ or Diablo Show )

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