Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed By Hellfire! Sunday March 21 2021, 6:40 PM
Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed By Hellfire!

Inception Of Eternity - Last Exit To The Past - Reviewed By Hellfire ! Check it out here at this link:

INCEPTION OF ETERNITY was founded last year by the multi-instrumentalist Thorsten Eligehausen. He has been in the music business for more than 20 years and has already made a name for himself with his other projects “Cradle Of Haze”, “Eli Van Pike”, “Schandpfahl” and “Narcotic Elements”. For his new project, Eligehausen brought his long-time musician friend Ken Pike from the USA on board, who is also a member of “Eli Van Pike”, and together they released their debut album “Into Darkness” in summer 2020. For the upcoming second album, the duo with guitarist Marc Vanderberg and singer SINtana got further professional support on board, both of which could already be heard as guests on the debut.

Stylistically, INCEPTION OF ETERNITY move in a mixture of rock, gothic, NDH and electronic sounds, which means that the addressed clientele should be quite diverse. That with such a range, distributed over fifteen songs, not all that glitters is necessarily gold, should inevitably be obvious. So “Blunt Blade” is a good example of how certain elements can tarnish the listening pleasure, because synthetic gimmicks paired with chanting in the verses does not really bring joy. An appealing hookline and a cool solo by Marc Vanderberg are of no use either. “Sacrifice” also goes in a similar direction and sounds like any NDH decal, so the performance of singer SINtana cannot save anything. With “Self-Deception” the electrical component is increased even more,

But “Last Exit To The Past” also has its highlights: on “One Day” the riffs are discreetly restrained, but the great chorus makes up for this twice over, thanks to the dark vocal part the song sounds a bit like a poppy The 69 eyes number. “Through The Night” is a fast gothic rock track that gets stuck straight away, “The Cradle Of Darkness” is in no way inferior to this, with the exception of the somewhat slowed pace, and the dark opener “The Age Of Warlords” is reminiscent of Atrocity to “Werk 80 ″ / ”Gemini” times. 

“Counting Down The Days” actually sounds like a “normal” rock song, only the programmed bagpipes (?) Make the Chose squint a little in the direction of medieval rock. The title track starts with piano / keyboard sounds, the verses are instrumental rather minimalist and are only carried by Ken Pike's vocals before the whole thing ends in a great hookline with a catchy character. “Voices Of Doom” has a slight folk influence and convinces with the catchiest melody of the entire disc, while the duet “Swan Sang”, which was acoustically held in the first half, is certainly the biggest surprise after the one heard before and the album ends in a conciliatory manner leads.

The bottom line is that “Last Exit To The Past” leaves an overall positive impression thanks to the stronger song material in the second part of the album, even if the exceptions mentioned prevent a better rating. Particularly noteworthy are the moments when guitarist Marc Vanderberg is allowed to flash his skills, his entry should certainly be an asset for this project. On the other hand, the drum sound doesn't convince me with some songs, I would have liked a little more steam. At the end of the day, as is so often the case, opinions will differ on this disc, whoever can make friends with the mix of styles or is already a fan of Thorsten Eligehausen's other projects, should like this disc. - I gave 7 out of 10 Hellfire points - Hellfire

Inception Of Eternity: kick off 2021 with new single, new video, new album! 

With the song "The Cradle of Darkness" Inception Of Eternity release the first track of their second studio album. Singer SINtana leads the listener through the uptempo gothic rock song with her versatile and distinctive voice, giving "The Cradle of Darkness" a unique and powerful expression with the mix of angelic background and dirty rock lead vocals. The single will be available to stream or download from all major online stores on February 21, 2021. The official video is available on YouTube now!

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More singles and album teasers on YouTube:


Inception Of Eternity - Teaser - The Cradle of Darkness


Inception Of Eternity - Introducing Marc Vanderberg (Lead Guitar)


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About the new album:

With the second studio album "Last Exit to the Past" mastermind Thorsten Eligehausen created a 15 track strong, musically extremely varied and genre-spanning album, without losing sight of the reference to the characteristic gothic rock elements. Quiet tones are as much an integral part of the album as rough and rocky compositions. Singer Ken Pike and vocalist SINtana take the listener on a musical journey with their extraordinary voices that is second to none.

"The creation process was - due to the two new contributing musicians SINtana and Marc Vanderberg - definitely more diverse. It was always interesting to hear how musicians of other styles listen to the demo of a song and what they then contribute to it, or how you understand their part", says Eligehausen.

"Last Exit to the Past" will be released on March 26, 2021 and is available as a CD in digipack, for download and also on all known streaming services. The presale of the album starts in selected stores parallel to the release of the single release "The Cradle of Darkness" on 21.02.2021.

Various merchandise articles of Inception of Eternity are also available via the store on darkSIGN-music.


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