Vermilia Launches 30-Day Pre-Order Campaign For ”Kätkyt” Vinyl Release Wednesday March 17 2021, 5:30 AM
Vermilia Launches 30-Day Pre-Order Campaign For ”Kätkyt” Vinyl Release

Vermilia Launches 30-Day Pre-Order Campaign For ”Kätkyt” Vinyl Release

Finnish pagan metaller Vermilia has launched  pre-order campaign for the long-awaited vinyl press of her debut album ”kätkyt”, originally self-released in June 29th 2018  CD/Digital/Cassette.

30-day vinyl campaign has made in the cooperation with the bandcamp and will run until april 3rd, 2021. Vinyl will be out as double splatter vinyl with a gatefold jacket with the option to have your name printed in a gatefold jacket.

Vermilia has also "Vedestä Vieraantunut " giveaway contest among all Vinyl buyers. 5 randomly chosen Vinyl buyers will get signed "Vedestä Vieraantunut" single release as physical (professional jacket/CD wallet) format specially duplicated for this purpose.

Also every monday 6pm starts a new giveaway contest on my facebook and instagram channels for the random merchandise. Winners will be announced every Sunday at 6pm (UTC/GMT+2).

Since the launch of campaign in march 5th she has reached 48% of total fundings and one of the tiers are sold out.

Pre-orders are up at

Promotional video:

Vermilia comments about the campaign:
”For the first time ever, the debut album ”Kätkyt” will be available as a double 12" splatter vinyl LP in a gatefold jacket.

Vinyl release has been one of my dreams and since the debut release there's been people asking Vinyl release.

As I am independent artist without huge companies or labels behind me, I've been trying to look all different options trying to figure out how to make this happen.

Since I haven't been able to make vinyl release before I am super excited to finally have the opportunity with the help of awesome people from Bandcamp!

This will be the only chance to have Kätkyt released as this limited edition double splatter vinyl and as a bonus you can have your name printed in a gatefold jacket.

I hope we can all together make this dream come true. ”

Vermilia – Kätkyt
Original Release date: June 29th, 2018

1. Äiti Maa
2. Vedestä Vieraantunut
3. Haudoille
4. Poissa
5. Saattaja
6. Maisema
7. Sanattomat Laulut
8. Mustan Taivaan Morsian

May 13-15, 2021 – DARK TROLL FESTIVAL (Germany)
Feb 11-13,2022 – FROSTFEUERNÄCHTE (Germany)
Feb 11-13,2022 – HEATHEN ASSAULT OVER BRNO III (Czech)

Official links:

VERMILIA is a female artist, coming from Finland.
Her music is a mix of Epic Scandinavian Pagan Metal and sweet, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies with lyrics in her native language.

For fans of Myrkur, Moonsorrow, Emperor, Ulver, Bathory...

About the Kätkyt:
Her debut album “Kätkyt” was one of the most best selling metal albums on bandcamp during the weekend of pre-release announced. First 2 cd presses were sold out with the following special c-cassette boxes less than a 3 days after release. “Kätkyt” received huge amount of praise in different medias printed/online.

Vedestä Vieraantunut (single) | Digital november 13th, 2017
Poissa (single) | Digital december 1st, 2017
Haudoille (single) | Digital march 2nd, 2018
Kätkyt (full-lenght album) | CD, Cassette, Digital june 29th, 2018
Täällä Pohjantähden Alla (single) |  CD, Digital march 1st, 2019
Pimeä Polku (single) |  Digital may 4th, 2020
Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita (EP) |  CD, Digital may 20th, 2020
Suru On Kunniavieras (single)|  Digital Nov 6th, 2020

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