Defender's Gate Metal Fest Stampedes its Way with a Free Online Streaming Event Thursday March 4 2021, 9:54 PM
Defender's Gate Metal Fest Stampedes its Way with a Free Online Streaming Event

Metal Fest Stampedes its Way with a Free Online Streaming Event

Spring is just around the corner and so many people are looking forward to the warmer weather and the longer days. Yet, amidst the world entering into its second year of the COVID pandemic and the restrictions that have been implemented, live performances are still at a minimum globally - excluding online events. Streaming performances have become the go to avenue for both artists and fans to get their music fix and connect in the new norm.

Keep it Metal Promotions, in association with Rock Addict Radio and Wrecking Ball Metal Fest, present Defender's Gate Fest: a Metal Onslaught on Saturday, March 13th starting at 3pmET.

"We're really excited about The Defender's Gate Fest," said Keep Metal Promotions CEO, Billy Loney. "Sure we all miss live shows, but these virtual fests have been great...just the thing we need to help keep the folks entertained and energized!"

Defender's Gate Fest will be broadcasted exclusively on Twitch at QuothTheRavenLive  and will be hosted by Rock Addict Radio personality, DJ REM.

Bands scheduled to perform include:
Seeds of Perdition (US)
Fall Under Sky (Mexico)
Syteria (UK)
Corners of Sanctuary (US)
La Cattrina (Mexico)
Illusions of Grandeur (US)

Defender's Gate Fest marks Keep it Metal Promotions' third online streaming event since last December.

"We just want to keep the music alive," Loney added. "Online streaming is what's keeping the music industry going... it's safe and it makes sense.

Additional event sponsors include March Baby Media, Cosmick Productions, Infecting Cells PR and A Creation Productions.

Defender's Gate Fest: a Metal Onslaught streams free on Saturday, March 13th at 3pmET exclusively at QuothTheRavenLive .

Check out Keep it Metal Promotions at:

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Check out Wrecking Ball Metal Fest at: WreckingBallMetalFest


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