MUSIC PROMO: STRUCK/DOWN - CHARISMAN Thursday March 4 2021, 9:25 PM

Charisman is the tale of father Bernard's first victim's vengeful brother. seeking answers before the execution took place, he discovered clues left behind that tipped off our hero that dark forces were working against him, and the chances of ever finding his sister. He set about making amends for this by tearing all that stand in his way down, And living his darkest day to date.. 

Charisman is a stab at the people who navigate their way through life with few hiccups and little misery, from the perspective of someone that's used to being down on their luck. 

Coming to terms with the big bad world can be as shattering meeting your hero and then them spitting in your face, charisman is about that happening, and triumphing! (however you picture that going..) 

Band Bio

Struck/Down are a 5 piece self described "Doom/Groove" band from Kent, heavily riff driven with a tight rhythm section and catchy vocal hooks. Every performance is visually and emotionally stimulating. 

Fronted by Linden ‘WookieBear’ Twyman, with guitarists Will ‘The Wizard’ Mason and Ian ‘Lancelot’ Spurrett, bass fulfilled by Andy "The Tornado" Dixon, and drums by Tommy ‘The Kid’ Rogers, the band approach every gig like it might be their last, with the attitude of louder and

faster is better. The band is never complacent, always writing and hungry for the next opportunity. 

With hard rock in their bones, and a diverse musical background the band have already released two EP’s. Thunder and Lightning was released in 2014, with Sherry on Top releasing over a year later in October 2015, both of which can be found at 

2019 saw the release of "Gone" Struck/Down's first debut album featuring the latest single "Sinking" 

On the back of the success of of "Gone" Struck/Down released "Wandering Child", their first single on the upcoming, soon to be announced EP.

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