Melodic death metal band take aim at the Church with “Hypocrite” Saturday January 30 2021, 3:21 PM
Melodic death metal band take aim at the Church with “Hypocrite”

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Melodic death metal outfit The Behest Of Serpents are back with a vengeance via their new single “Hypocrite.” The track is a musical onslaught that melds dueling guitar attacks, guttural vocals, and technical prowess with a powerful message.

"'Hypocrite' is about the hypocrisy of the church and the congregations that follow it," explains vocalist Steven Lunsford. "I grew up in the church and saw people come to get their weekly dose of god and pray for forgiveness, just to leave and act like nothing happened. Paying money to an organization that abuses children while they turn a blind eye."

"Hypocrite" is the lead single from the forthcoming 10 track full-length, Disciples, due out on March 5th. The Behest Of Serpents have also dropped a video for the song. Shot on location at an abandoned church by Howard Sumner Photography, it thrusts organized Religion front and center, as explained by the band, “The video depicts this blind following while also confronting a priest for his vile actions.”

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