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DEAD MODE - BURN IT TO THE GROUND 29th January 2021 Release

Brand new Alternative band makes their debut friday 29th January 2021. Dead Mode will bring you their first single off their debut album, the track is called “Burn It To The Ground”.

ISRC Code: UKZY2100001

Single Information

We are at point like no other in history. Our leaders are failing us, the wealth gap has increased year on year and citizens of every country are being exploited by people with too much power.

At some point this equation will tip and the people we rise to take the power back. Burn It To The Ground is about people exercising their right to topple the power structure that has failed them again and again.

Band Bio

Dead Mode started as a response to the current state of the world. It was born from the anger of being failed by those put in charge of protecting us. The greed that drives the engines behind our society and the thieves, liars and stooges who operate them. We stand alongside none of them. Our identities and location are irrelevant. The issue is global. Capitalism had failed. It is a model driven by anxiety and relies on there being a loser. However the losers are always the same people. The game is impossible to win. Each year the wealth gap increases meaning there can only be one conclusion on this trajectory. It does not best serve the masses. 

Dead Mode wanted it's music to be available for everyone, including those who are unable to normally engage with music due to the cost or their financial situation. For this reason we are making our entire album, art work and all videos completely free to download in full for everyone. We believe money should never be a block for a person to have access to music, art, or a full experience. Those who want to support the band can do so by spreading the word and joining us. If they are able to then we have merchandise available that helps the band recover their own costs. Our world has been divided but we do not need to be conquered. Dead Mode intends to be a voice for those people. By working as a collective motivated by unity and equality we can become a force, our voice amplifying louder each time we speak. Because we do not have to listen, Because we do not have to follow, Because change is born from revolution, because we must fight, because it's time to push back, Because F**K THIS.

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