THESE COLORS FADE: "Contemporary Tragedy" Out Now Saturday January 30 2021, 2:24 PM
THESE COLORS FADE: "Contemporary Tragedy" Out Now
Contemporary Tragedy, the new album from one-man melodic post-hardcore band THESE COLORS FADE is now available via Bandcamp.


The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Keelan Donahue, who handled everything from the music to the artwork, Contemporary Tragedy is the third release from THESE COLORS FADE. The album follows the 2020 EP Pentamerous Laceration and the debut full-length The Attrition Complex (2018). Keelan’s newest effort takes the listener on a 10-track journey that blurs the lines between progressive metal, avante garde and abstract thought.

Stream and download Contemporary Tragedy now at

"There’s something quite fascinating about this album. Something that keeps you listening on even as it tumbles down the avant-garde rabbit hole."


Keelan comments on the album, “‘Contemporary Tragedy’ is about loss and how it transforms people in different ways. It was originally intended to be a short story told in album form. Instead, it became a theme album touching on not only loss, but what a person can become after losing what they believe to be everything. A combination of progressive and posthardcore births interesting and unique musicianship while pushing genre boundaries. Over 800 hours were spent writing and recording this album.”


Contemporary Tragedy was written, performed, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Keelan Donahue. 


Track Listing: 

1. Contemporary Tragedy I: Our Final Breaths

2. Contemporary Tragedy II: Wax Reveries 

3. Contemporary Tragedy III: Curtains Close 

4. Clar(it)y

5. Beginning//End

6. A Cerulean Tomb 

7. The Art Of Burning A Memory 

8. Of Salvation And Damnation 

9. Disappear

10. Contemporary Tragedy IV: Alternate Reveries 


THESE COLORS FADE was founded in August of 2016 as a medium for Keelan to write and record music during his downtime as a musician. Early TCF consisted of him singing while playing keyboard. It has since evolved into implementing guitar, bass, and drums for a "full band feel" as well as shifting genres from acoustic to metal.

Keelan Donahue: Vocals, lyrics, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards
Album artwork by Keelan Donahue
Instagram: @thesecolorsfade 

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