Maudiir - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday January 23 2021, 10:34 AM
Maudiir - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Maudiir joins us again on the show to talk about the latest release 'La Part du Diable' (EP). We talk about the pandemic, recording music as a one man band and we take questions from the live audience in the chat room. We feature new music from Maudiir as well as new releases from CELESTIAL SANCTUARY, The Sonic Overlords, The Band Repent, Asphyx, Battering Ram, Pustilence, Detoura, MEDIEVAL DEMON, Markus Spittka, Afronaut, Amp Phobia, blood-stained-dusk, Dangerous Times For The Dead, Birds of Nazca, Eternal Autumn, HOWLING GODS, Abominated, Johnny Craven, Mountain Hermit, Silenced Minstrel, Malo De Dentro, Lining Redox, Meuchelmord, Mike Fulkerson, Pressure, Repaid In Blood, VOX MORTIS, Suffer Under Sorrow, THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, and Venemous Rose! We also play some classics by request from Overkill, Hatebreed, Ozzy Osbourne, Piledriver, Metallica, and Suicidal Tendencies!

Track List:

1 - Drunken Wisdom/Skullkrusher/Spiritual Void - Overkill
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Rid the Gormless - CELESTIAL SANCTUARY
4 - In My Darkest Room - The Sonic Overlords
5 - Before Dishonor - Hatebreed
6 - Diary Of A Madman - Ozzy Osbourne
7 - Metal Inquisition - Piledriver
8 - War - The Band Repent
9 - Maudiir - Interview featuring Fracture/ The Slumber/The Fortunate Few
10 - Three Years of Famine - Asphyx
11 - To Live is to Die/Dyers Eve - Metallica
12 - Alone/You Can't Bring Me Down/Join The Army - Suicidal Tendencies
13 - Down - Battering Ram
14 - Gateways To Enigma - Pustilence
15 - Throw Me to the Wolves - Detoura
16 - Meet Her Majesty, The Black Queen - MEDIEVAL DEMON
17 - Glorious - Markus Spittka
18 - Ghost On The Roof - Afronaut
19 - Feel The Fire - Amp Phobia
20 - worship-and-disintegrate - blood-stained-dusk
21 - Queen of the Night - Dangerous Times For The Dead
22 - Volcano - Birds of Nazca
23 - The_Eminent_Grey - Eternal Autumn
25 - Blasphemous Convocation - Abominated
26 - Bleed (Why Fuck With The World When You Can Fuck Up Yourself Remix) [By Gosteffects] - Johnny Craven
27 - Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone Cover) - Mountain Hermit
28 - Dirge Of The Eternal Winter - Silenced Minstrel
29 - Chokehold - Malo De Dentro
30 - Thunderquake - Lining Redox
31 - Schwarzes Ehrenfeld - Meuchelmord
32 - Proud+Metal+Head - Mike Fulkerson
33 - What You See - Pressure
34 - Ritualistic Stoning (Feat. Travis Montgomery) - Repaid In Blood
35 - Primata Durjana - VOX MORTIS
36 - Wanderer - Suffer Under Sorrow
37 - Modern vagabon - THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS
38 - The Devil Is Friend Of Mine - Venemous Rose

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"I'd say that the one-man band exists in the progressive black/thrash zone, overall landing in a spot where extreme metal begins. This comes across as relatively accessible and modern, despite the pummeling drum sound, bracing guitar and bile vocals, not an easy thing to achieve. They are in the same family tree as their provincial compatriots Voivod, but on the slightly less odd side of the family. Professional in every respect, the production and playing are top notch, and the song writing is obviously advanced as well, rendering me very surprised that this hasn't been picked up by a label yet." - The Mighty Decibel

“Touches of punk add attitude to these five angry and aggressive pieces of blackened thrash metal and make it an impressive debut EP” -  Loud Enough? Magazine

“Some really great tracks and precise playing makes this debut EP a note worthy event” - Absolute Underground Magazine

"“Le Temps Peste” is overall an engaging listen that, as it progresses, gets even better and more complex, gradually easing you into the building mood and feel of the EP, the first couple of tracks  “Product” and “Abuse The Used” build on bleak Blackened driving riffs alongside a vitriolic rasping vocal delivery, the latter also benefiting from more of a haunting melody developing, a galloping Thrashy second half and soaring lead work which really adds to the sound." 4/5 - The Metal Wanderlust

“Métal de bord en bord, ce projet fait partie de ceux dont les sonorités sont parfaitement heavy, mais ô combien inclassables, où se mêlent habilement les influences et saveurs auditives les plus diverses. Avec Maudiir, on fusionne avec brio black, thrash et death mélodique, avec une touche de métal classique et de NWOBHM dans les acérés riffs. Le temps peste inclut tout plein de riffs aussi corrosifs que galopants, qui rendraient très fiers autant un prêtre traître qu’une vierge de fer, risquant très bien de vous donner un sale mal de cou.”  –

"En tous les cas, F. ne s’enfonce pas dans l’erreur des artistes qui bossent en solo, à savoir, s’enfermer dans leur monde et devenir hermétique à l’oreille lambda. Sa musique est bien orchestrée ; même si elle fait appel à du déjà connu, elle tient la route et on y aime y retourner plusieurs fois. Il y a, à la fois de l’agressivité, de la noirceur, mais aussi de la fluidité dans ce metal un peu vieille école, mais bien vivant!" - Metal France

Maudiir, coming from the underbelly of Montreal, Quebec, Canada is an outlet for observations on obedience and industrialization riddled with man-made waste. With 80s heavy metal influences alongside black metal and punk, Maudiir is unique in sound; hauntingly dark while being corrosive and galloping.

Maudiir is a one-man black/thrash metal project that formed to be musically independent. Starting with guitar, F. works his way through each sullen track, adding drums, recording all the colorations and textures of the guitars, adding bass, and finally writing the words, very often at the same time they are being recorded.

The pessimistic aura of the music combines with lyrics about consumer society, religion, science going awry, addiction to technology, and environmental decay.

Maudiir released their debut EP “Le Temps Peste” during February 2020 and now returns exactly a year later with the follow up “ La Part du Diable” due out February 19, 2021.

Creating an intensely dark sound, "La Part du Diable" was inspired by reactions from people to the health crisis created by Covid, the political climate in the US, and conspiracy theories. It's a riff-driven  EP with big bass grooves and corrosive vocals, mixing thrash metal and black metal with progressive elements, giving it a unique sound and feel.

"I would say that with “La Part du Diable”, I’m going into a slightly more progressive and thrash sound than on the first EP. I also added distortion to the bass guitar this time around, which I think adds a Voïvod feel to the songs."

F. (ex-Deeply Confused, Tears for the Dead Gods) is also currently leading prog/thrash metal outfit Trinity Blast.

Maudiir is F.  


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