Hellborn Militia (USA) - 'From Acoustic Beginnings' - Reviewed By Necromance! Thursday January 21 2021, 6:43 PM
Hellborn Militia (USA) - 'From Acoustic Beginnings' - Reviewed By Necromance!

Hellborn Militia (USA) - 'From Acoustic Beginnings' - Reviewed By Necromance ! check it out here at this link: http://necromance.eu/hellborn-militia-usa-from-acoustic-beginnings/

Sometimes, simply, the best thing is to forget that part that generates unnecessary pressure on you, sometimes, the best thing is to do what you like or, better still, to show what you always wanted to teach as it came to the world. Sometimes it seems that all that matters is the RRSS, what a couple of people say in their interventions via Instagram or Youtube ... or Facebook, of course ... And, for worse, many feel a failure when these publications do not reach an acceptable number of “likes”… You forget, sometimes, that Metal exists before it was possible to access it from a phone… And that what is truly valid has always been the content… not the promotion of it. Did I make out? Well, all this has come to me while I have in the background this EP of the band HELLBORN MILITIA, where in brief songs recorded in acoustic they release us a fabulous album called “From acoustic beginnig”, which has these descriptions: Raw, sincere and realistic… Saturated with “reverbs”, haggard, dark.  

The sound is closely related to those wild recordings, made with a lot of fury and a perverse intention to hurt the other, not to entertain them. The acoustic part of the beginning (which seems to have been recorded in some Texas dive) has its vibe, because it transmits pain, grief and boredom of living, a typical weekend stuck to the swampy waters of the Wishkash River. Well structured songs and a lot of melancholy for those of us who are in their forties and miss that sincerity of a group ... It is confusing in the overall count of the album, because the songs are good: With that force that does not compensate for other deficiencies, songs like "Bound" or " In thy wil heal ”are a faithful example of the moment in which they were recorded (2007?). And I say this because it is clear that this is how they have been put into this release.

Then we move on to an electric part, which closes this work, with a very powerful "Dominate", fierce, brute ... fundamental for any Yankee southerner today who continues to long for ANSELMO ... More with that sound from decades ago, saturated, worthy of having been recorded with a "studio porta" in a good room ... Although it leaves me more shadows than lights.

Perhaps the idea of ​​the group HELLBORN MILITIA was more linked to a gift to its followers who longed for those years of youth, when one Saturday night he would take you to the bar to see a band and dream of being Something ... when nothing else mattered than having money for the next beer. In any case, those who come to the band today through this album, I recommend you listen more with the Third Eye, the one that only the Under and good spirits see, than with the critical gaze that “Meputogusta” tells your face as a musician bad. 5/10 - Necromance

Introducing the new release from Hellborn Militia (USA) - ' From Acoustic Beginnings ' EP

For fans of: Pantera , Crowbar , Black label Society

Hellborn Militia is a South Texas based metal band. Formed in 2005-2006. The beginning phase of the band was acoustic collaborations. When the two guitar players Pablo Ybarra and Joe Jaramillo mixed the electric guitar and metal styling, a different trip began and has long been established. They have garnered attention in the newspapers, internet media, metal network, and music community.

After all the beers, whiskey, tequila, sweat and blood, they have organized the TRUE SOUTHERN HELLRAZORS into the band HELLBORN MILITIA . This is a combination of influences from different types of music which is a conversation in its own. Just enjoy and appreciate we will bring you the rest.

Hellborn Militia isn't just heavy metal it is lead metal !

The album "From Acoustic Beginnings" was released on Spotify , Amazon , etc.

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