Chris Cornell’s Ex-Wife Opens Up About Death For First Time! Monday October 9 2017, 10:48 PM
Chris Cornell’s Ex-Wife Opens Up About Death For First Time!

A new Hype! 20 years later mini documentary appears on the new 20th anniversary blu ray release of the film. The documentary features an interview with Chris Cornell’s ex-wife Susan Silver, with Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil sitting next to her. It has been confirmed that the interview was filmed in July, after Chris Cornell’s death in May. This is the first time Silver has discussed Cornell since his death.

Silver said, “Chris was the greatest rock singer of our generation. The music that was made of bands of all genres, so creative, people dug so deep. Whether the world heard them or not, they were digging so deep to create something so special, and it was appreciated.”

Photographer Charles Peterson said, “His voice was impressive from the get go.”

“Just a beautiful person and shy and you know, not a rock star material at all.”

Producer Jack Endino said, “He’s was very reserved and very private – even back 25 years ago he was a man of very few words. Always a delightful fellow. Always a total sweetheart. But I think Chris’ situation was a personal thing that was unique to him. I don’t think you can draw any wider lesson from it, really.”

A clip surfaced last week from another portion of the interview where Susan discusses Kurt Cobain.

Silver says, “When I spoke to you 20 years ago on my way to meet you for the filming, and I had gotten a call about Kurt’s incident in Europe where he had been found unconscious, and that began the writing on the wall, and the intense invasion of privacy that none of us were ready for, the end of our innocence.”

Silver managed Soundgarden and Alice In Chains in the 90’s during the prime of their careers. She and Chris had one daughter together, Lily Cornell Silver.Via AlternativeNation

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