Kira - "Peccatum Et Blasphemia" - Reviewed By Kobzr! Saturday January 16 2021, 6:37 PM
Kira - "Peccatum Et Blasphemia" - Reviewed By Kobzr!

Kira - "Peccatum Et Blasphemia" - Reviewed By Kobzr ! check it out here at thi slink:

The speed is also varied a lot, so there is a lot of up-tempo as well as mid-tempo. The music is refined by the versatile singing. The production can also be described as successful, the material shoots with a lot of pressure and yet the sound has the necessary transparency. The nimble riffs that the guitarists release are absolutely worth listening to. Typical, clanking riffs meet melodic guitar runs and solos. So with the opener "Lucifer's Herald", the gripping "Temple of Suffering" or the more moderate "Lord of Hallucinations", or epic, like in "Weakness Isn't Breathless". "Peccatum et Blasphemia" turned out nice, powerful at that, with really good hooks and fine melodies. The variety is the most exciting here. So many small details, so many changes of pace, so many ideas, it has to be digested first. The successful mix can of course not only be felt in the vocals, but the instrumental section can also be described as exciting. An album with good songs, a good production. - Kobzr

The band Kira was founded in 2015 in Opoczno. The originator was Nameless on guitar, music (Nomad, ex-Ethelyn) who asked Groshek to drums (Nomad, Peacemaker) and Mysth vocals, bass, lyrics (Ethelyn, Deathstorm) for collaboration. Currently signed to Ossuary records!

Released October 9, 2020

Track List:

1. Opening the Gates of Hell

2. Lucifer's Herald

3. One Gram of Your Soul

4. Necroscience

5. Temple of Suffering

6. Lord of Hallucinations

7. In the Devil's Embrace

8. The Fearful One

9. Weakness Isn't Breathless

10. Silence Is Consent

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