Chris Maragoth - A Vile Gathering - Featured At INSANEBLOG. NET Saturday January 16 2021, 5:49 PM
Chris Maragoth - A Vile Gathering - Featured At INSANEBLOG. NET

Chris Maragoth - A Vile Gathering - Featured At INSANEBLOG. NET Check it out here at this link:

Magdeburg, Germany – On January 24, 2021 solo artist CHRIS MARAGOTH releases together  with his best friend NEUN a new EP called "A VILE GATHERING“ on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.  This EP will be free for download on both platforms.  

"A VILE GATHERING“ will contain 3 instrumental songs. These songs are named after rare and  mythic Magic The Gathering cards of the ancient and majestic ELDRAZI race. Alien-like creatures,  originating from the ethers between the planes, devouring all mana and life energy until every  world is obliterated. Three of the most over-powered titan-forms are the REALITY SMASHER, the  OBLIVION SOWER, and the VOID WINNOWER.  
Take a pinch of Deathcore and a dash of Modern Melodic Metal, add a bit of Djent to the mix and  then you got a good description of what to expect when you listen to „A VILE GATHERING“.  

A Vile Gathering artwork.jpeg

Being a guitarist primarily, Chris writes, arranges and records instrumental and vocal parts on his own.
Occasionally Chris collaborates with other musicians, but mostly friends and former band mates.

The musical style is a fluent transition between several genres of rock and metal music, but can be mostly described as modern rock and melodic metal.

Genre: Instrumental melodic metal, deathcore, djent

For fans of: Thy Art Is Murder, Slaughter To Prevail, Magic The Gathering

Release date: 2021-01-24

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