WITCHSEEKER premiere new track at "Deaf Forever" magazine's website, set release date for new DYING VICTIMS mini-album Tuesday January 12 2021, 8:58 PM
WITCHSEEKER premiere new track at "Deaf Forever" magazine's website, set release date for new DYING VICTIMS mini-album

On March 26th internationally, Dying Victims Productions will release Witchseeker's highly anticipated second album, Scene of the Wild, on CD and vinyl LP formats. And today,  Deaf Forever magazine's website  premieres the new track  "Scene of the Wild."  Hear Witchseeker's title track "Scene of the Wild" in its entirety exclusively  HERE .
Hailing from Singapore, Witchseeker formed in late 2012, originally as a one-man project by Sheikh Spitfire. By the time of the band’s first EP, 2014’s Night Rituals, Witchseeker had expanded to a trio but was then pared back to a duo for their debut album, 2017’s When the Clock Strikes, with Brandon Speedranger on guitars and Sheikh Spitfire on vocals, bass, and drums.
While traditional metal is not often associated with Singapore, Witchseeker gained the attention of their national scene with a classics-minded style of heavy metal that’s packed with power, speed, melody, and aggression. Legions have joined their cause, and over the years, Witchseeker have shared stages with such bands as Firehouse, Enforcer, Destruction, Midnight, Exciter, and many more.
Come 2019, Witchseeker expanded to a quartet with the joining of Aip Sinner on drums and Nick Stormbringer on guitars. With this bolstered lineup, the band then wrote and recorded their second full-length, Scene of the Wild. Aptly titled, Scene of the Wild stylistically spans Sunset Strip hot-rockin’ and classy, cruising speed metal alike, all with the finesse and deftness of devotees of all that’s timeless and true. Each of these 10 tracks in an anthem unto itself, but each one offers something equally unique. Not here will you find one big blur of sameness: “Lust for Dust” is like a runaway train, while “Nights in Tokyo” offers space, shade, and a yearning heart; “Rock This Night Away” does exactly what it says, while the title track is a ballroom blitz; “Screaming in the Moonlight” is a steady night-time strut, while “Candle in the Dark” struts to a darker, more personal pulse; and plenty more to be experienced elsewhere. Keeping things true, Witchseeker don’t let proceedings get too slick, retaining a rawness of approach and authenticity of spirit, together giving Scene of the Wild a “scrappy underdog” aspect not unlike Mötley Crüe’s Too Fast for Love.
Witchseeker are a promising band from a small country, just now realizing the depth of their potential. Graced with literally awesome cover art courtesy of Mario Lopez, Scene of the Wild is a vision of heavy metal revolution!

Join the revolution with the brand-new title track "Scene of the Wild" exclusively  HERE , courtesy of Deaf Forever, Germany's defenders of the true. Aforementioned cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Witchseeker's Scene of the Wild
1. Scene of the Wild
2. Rock this Night Away
3. Lust for Dust
4. Be Quick Or Be Dead
5. Sin City
6. Nights in Tokyo
7. Screaming in the Moonlight
8. Break Away
9. Candle in the Dark
10. Hellions of the Night


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