Malice Divine Debut Single “In Time” Off Forthcoming Self-Titled Album Out Feb 2021 Tuesday January 12 2021, 5:34 AM
Malice Divine Debut Single “In Time” Off Forthcoming Self-Titled Album Out Feb 2021

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, one-man act Malice Divine is revealing the debut self-titled, full-length release coming February 19, 2021. Today, the first single “In Time” premieres on NoCleanSinging  HERE

Empowering and assertive, a lot of lyrical content found in Malice Divine’s work comes from a personal place and is a catalyst for overcoming struggles. The music is his personal take on an amalgamation of the styles that bands of the past have already pioneered. The styles of bands such as Dissection, Death, Wintersun, Immortal, etc. have been blended together to result in a pretty unique take on the melodic black and death metal genres. Ric Galvez explains in his own words:

“The listening experience I am trying to give the fans with this album is a highly dynamic one that maintains the listener's interest with hard-hitting riffs, catchy and aggressive vocals, epic guitar solos that range from being very melodic to an all-out frenzy of shred, and the occasional moments of beautiful and captivating classical guitar sections.”

The single “In Time” is one of the darkest songs on the album along with “Into Subconscious Depths”, while still retaining a strong sense of catchiness. Lots of lead guitar work throughout the song, probably more so than any other song on the album. The second half of the song is quite a bit different than the first half. There’s also a very dark classical guitar section at the end of the song.

Most of the album’s music was composed while Galvez was a member of Astaroth Incarnate as well as a music major at York University. After Galvez parted ways with Astaroth Incarnate, he finished the rest of the album by writing the guitar solos and the lyrics.

Malice Divine is recommended for metal fans of all varieties especially those who are fans of Dissection, Skeletonwitch, and Death. 

The single “In Time” will be available on all digital platforms on January 8, 2021  here .

The full album “Malice Divine” drops on February 19, 2021.

Track Listing:
1. Somnium Lucidus (2:00)
2. Quantum Manifestation (7:11)
3. Malicious Divinity (5:54)
4. Triumphant Return (5:35)
5. Into Subconscious Depths (8:02)
6. Ancient Visions (6:14)
7. In Time (8:11)
8. Intuitive Realization (3:40)
9. The Transcendence Of Isolation (9:46)
Album Length: 56:37

More Info: malicedivineofficial


Toronto, Canada’s Malice Divine is a solo project contrived by Ric Galvez who had always had the dream of entire creative control. He wanted to expand beyond being known as just as a lead guitarist. Galvez has played in local bands previously and was a contestant on  Banger TV’s Shredders of Metal  Seasons 1 & 2.

Galvez has a major in music from York University and through Malice Divine he shows off his prowess across instruments. His lyrics are inspired by psychology, spirituality, and divination, as well as personal experiences especially those involving the overcoming of obstacles and hardships using the resulting verses as a form of empowerment.

The first offering from Malice Divine, a self-titled full length, comes in 2021 with Dylan Gowan (Vesperia, Iomair) playing session drums. There are plans to flesh out a live lineup for Divine Malice when the time is right.

What people can expect from seeing Malice Divine live is highly aggressive black and death metal inspired music with shreddy and virtuosic guitar solos adding a melodic layer that isn’t common in the genre.

Malice Divine's self-titled debut album is due out February 19, 2021.

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