Future Kings of an Empty Throne by The Witches Drum Saturday January 21 2017, 2:44 PM
Future Kings of an Empty Throne by The Witches Drum

Debut EP from The Witches Drum.... 

"This band is badass. The EP, Future Kings Of An Empty Throne, is even badder assed. It’s heavy, rifftastic and at times, spacy. It’s like bluesy stoner metal with psychedelics. The only thing more I can say is that if you don’t own this EP, you need a good steel toed boot to the head, you’re missing out." 


"The Witches Drum bring a raucous rock n' roll party on "Future Kings of an Empty Throne", with some very cool and funky rhythms that never hold back on the loud and the heavy while seeming to bend both space and time as they trip through the moods and the melodies of these four sensational tracks. While the songs are nuanced with many incredible layers of style and delivery, they will at any time come right out and slap you upside the head with sledgehammer blows and flamethrower fireballs. The opening track, "Watch the Freaks Lose It" is an astonishing concoction of fun and fury, with melody, heart, and riffage aplenty. When the band kicks into high gear the solos scorch with arc welder intensity, the bass like the unyielding fury of commercial sledgehammers, accompanied by large gauge drum beat blasts of gattling gun tempo, all wrapped up in clear, deep, rich vocals that complete the paisley clad package. But they never stay under the heavy too long, superbly moving into multi-layered and colorful psychedelic renditions of uber-cool wickedness, gracefully and expertly blending the seemingly disparate styles into unbelievably fantastic and melodious renditions of something unique and superb. " 


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released July 7, 2012

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