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"You Tomb" is the second full-lenght studio album by Italian Death Metal band.
10 songs of pure and granitic Old School Death Metal, with the sound typical to Swedish over-gain and crunchy style - heavy guitars, like-a-tank bass, powerful and speedy drums, deep and intensive growls.
American Thrash/Death style has driven Crepuscolo’s style too. The 10 songs are the summa of Crepuscolo way of composing and intending Death Metal, nothing is left to chance, every note of every riff has been thought to be conseguence of the first one and the motor-breath of the following one, amalgamated by passion e feeling.
Lyrics are about many stuff: “My Scars Tell A Story” is a deep thought about how much hard sometimes life is; “Unzen” talks about a Japanese vulcano; “Under the Oak’s Shadow” is about our souls and the feeling with nature; “You Tomb” is an angry scream against apathetic people who prefer to stay in front of a computer instead of living a real life; “The Fate That Life Gives” is a reflection about destiny; “Not for the Mass” talks about the fact that Death Metal is not for everyone, but just for who live in that way; “Shock” is a shout against the earthquake that destroyed people lives 2 years ago; “Monomania” is inspired by a E.A. Poe’s novel; “Reflected Soul” is an istrumental song, dedicated to a friend who passed away; “Memento” is taken and translated from an Italian poet Iginio Ugo Tarchetti.
“You Tomb” recommended for fans of Dismember, Entombed, At The Gates, Grave, Sepultura, Obituary and more...

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