Shadow Warrior - Cyberblade - Reviewed by Rock! Thursday December 31 2020, 1:36 PM
Shadow Warrior - Cyberblade - Reviewed by Rock!

Shadow Warrior - Cyberblade - Reviewed by Rock ! Check it out here at this link: Shadow Warrior - Cyberblade - Reviewed by Rock!

"Far Away In The Distant Future, Cyber ​​Legion Of Steel Warriors ......". What a great lyrics to open a metal album. No, we are not with Manowar or other suspects, but with Shadow Warrior , who are starting their first long journey . After their EP "The Return Of The Shadow Warrior", which was released in 2019, they are now setting out to conquer the world with their classic heavy metal . Japan in particular seems to have done it to the warriors, because most of the text and image revolves around the Far Eastern shadow warriors. Musically they place great value on old virtues and celebrate Heavy Metal on Cyberbladethe old school. This is not necessarily new, it rocks damn well out of the boxes. A short intro and Shadow Warrior are in their element. Concise melodies, classic hooks, solos that are made of one piece, a tight rhythm section and strong vocals. The warriors pack all of this in just under 35 minutes of playing time. Exactly the right thing to do for a round of age-appropriate peeling .

The somewhat rough and powerfully produced Cyberblade would have fit nicely into the 80s and to add the icing to the "I", the part was refined with a really cool cover. "I Am The Thunder" and "Demon`s Sword" could be mentioned as playing tips . But you don't necessarily have to, because the rest of the songs don't have to hide. A feast for the ears for every headbanger .

8 out of 10 bangs

Shadow Warrior is the classic heavy metal attack in the vein of early Accept, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Warlock. The band was formed in 2019 and made their recording debut with 5-song EP “Return of the Shadow Warrior”, which lyrics were based directly on history and culture of Japan. The album, initially self-released by the band in limited 100 copies, turned out to be a hit and in 2 weeks span it was totally sold out. Soon afterwards the band started to gain attention of classic heavy metal record labels from all over the world – this yielded in reissue of their EP for Asian, South American and European markets, released by Spiritual Beast, Burning Leather and Heathen Tribes respectively on CD, vinyl and MC.

By early 2020 Shadow Warrior made contact with Japanese heavy metal legend, Metalucifer, which resulted in 7” vinyl single “Heavy Metal Typhoon”, which featured Metalucifer/Sabbat lead singer Gezolucifer on vocals and iconic metal collector, Neal Tanaka, on the album cover.

By mid-2020 the band finished recording of their full-length debut album, “Cyberblade”. The album, featuring 35 minutes of premiere material encapsuled in 8 songs, was recorded and mixed in HiGain Studio (Białystok, Poland) by Janusz Grabowski and Marcin Grygoruk. The album will be released on 18 th November 2020 by Spiritual Beast (CD) for Japanese market and by Ossuary Records (CD/MC/digital) for everywhere else. The album was preceded by the 7” vinyl single “I Am the Thunder”.

“Each song of the Shadow Warrior is filled with great, sharp riffs and memorable melodies, just the way traditional heavy metal is supposed to be!” - Heavy Metal Pages

“Many bands with a lot bigger experience can be envious of Shadow Warrior’s phenomenal start” - Metal Up! Magazine

“Shadow Warrior is pure and brutally honest heavy metal, which might soon stir the scene quite a bit!” - Burnn! Magazine

“The only negative here is the length of the album – it’s not long enough!” - Rubber Axe Web Zine

“Their debut is a very strong entry in the heavy metal world” - Deaf Forever


Anna Kłos – lead vocals
Marcin Puszka -  guitar / backing vocal
Krzysztof “Chris” Aftyka - guitar / backing vocal
Karol Zmaczyński - bass / backing vocal
Zdzisław Krzyżanowski - drums

Band: Shadow Warrior
Album: „Cyberblade"
Country: Poland
Genre: Oldschool Heavy Metal
Label: Ossuary Records
Premiere: November 18th 2020

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