KARONTE/BLOODY BROTHERHOOD “Alliance for death domination” Split Ep Thursday September 28 2017, 7:19 PM
KARONTE/BLOODY BROTHERHOOD “Alliance for death domination” Split Ep

Two of the most powerful old school Death Metal bands from northern Spain in a 10″ Split EP (plus CD and Digital Download for free!!!).

KARONTE, the veteran band with 22 years of uninterruptible carreer, include 3 new tracks keeping their own style, a mixture of heavy crushing riffs with melodic guitar lines, under the influence of bands such Gorefest, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower & old Arch Enemy/Carcass(Heartwork years)… BLOODY BROTHERHOOD from Basque Country, after a successful debut album called “Ritual of blood”, will show us their aggresive, obscure and rotting old school death metal on 2 new tracks for fans of Obituary, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Malevolent Creation…

Highly recommended for fans of blasting old school Death Metal!!!

KARONTE is one of the the most veteran extreme metal bands from Spain, being formed in 1994 after the union of four musicians that already played in other underground bands from the same area since 1991. KARONTE has released 3 demos to date and two full albums, “Letargo” (2006) and “Paraíso sin fe” (2012), receiving excellent reviews by the underground press worldwide. In 2014 after 20 years of existence, they published an exclusive and limited edition called “Vivo y resucitado” (12″LP+CD Digipak), including a live recording and the re-recording of 4 tracks from their old 90’s demo tapes. Now they are sharing three new songs on this Death Metal alliance, which setting deep KARONTE into the foundations of heavy end, powerful and melodic of extreme metal.

BLOODY BROTHERHOOD born in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country (Spain) in 2011. Created by veteran musicians of the Underground scene of the country, influenced both by the old American school OBITUARY, DEICIDE, as the Swedish UNLEASHED and ENTOMBED. An explosive mix … In 2012 they presented their first demo “Bloody Brotherhood” with classic songs like “Apophis” or “Human Pest”. After several national tours, they recorded their first album “Ritual of Blood” (2015), very well received by the specialized press and national and international public, in wich they play with bands like SINISTER, MERCYLESS, PENTAGRAM CHILE, WORMED, AVULSED, APOSENTO, ANGELUS APATRIDA, CRISIX or KARONTE. Already in 2016 focus on writing new material for their second album and turn not only in Spain, also in Portugal and the rest of Europe. Nothing can stop the Bloody Brotherhood…




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