DEATH CONSPIRACY in solidarity action for a fan! Wednesday December 23 2020, 1:25 AM
DEATH CONSPIRACY in solidarity action for a fan!

The Brutal Technical Death Metal band from São Paulo from ABC, DEATH CONSPIRACY , which recently released their debut EP, "Intolerance" , was touched by the situation of Danilo Albuquerque , one of his fans and supporters who, even in critical conditions and passing many difficulties, he did not fail to contact the band to acquire his physical CD, without even being able to hear it because of a tragedy!

If this complicated year of 2020 with a pandemic, lack of opportunity, unemployment and quarantine were not enough, Danilo, who lives with his family and 2-year-old son in São José dos Pinhais, Curitiba / PR, had his whole house destroyed in a fire of great proportions. Absolutely nothing was saved in this tragedy, but even so, Danilo wanted to support the work of the band, which made DEATH CONSPIRACY musicians very sensitive so that they could take collective action, regardless of musical style or anything outside the scope of solidarity.

The situation of Danilo and family is very difficult, and taking advantage of the end of the year, festivities and celebrations, the members of DEATH CONSPIRACY , Michel Villares (vocals / bass), Bruno Toledo (guitar), Harrison Duarte (guitar) and Doug D'Magalhães (drums) created an online kitty for the reconstruction of their home and count on the support of everyone!

Death Conspiracy: Solidarity action for the Reconstruction of Danilo Albuquerque's house in:

"Hail, Hail Staff ?!

We are the band Death Conspiracy, sending a save for all of you!

The reason why we are coming to the public to ask for everyone's help is precisely because of this tragedy that unfortunately happened at Danilo Albuquerque's house, one of our fans and supporters of our work! This fire destroyed the entire house of Danilo and his family, and we know that in this difficult year that we are all going through, a loss of this magnitude is even more devastating.

Because of this, we came here to ask for everyone's help, regardless of beliefs, policies, personal tastes or musical genre, so that we exercise our solidarity, empathy and love for others so that they collaborate with our little girl in order to help comfort in some way the life of Danilo and his family.

We are all experiencing difficulties this year, but it is at these times that we should all come together at least so that they can spend a better Christmas and New Year. The donation is spontaneous and any amount that your heart can help will be welcome, will help a lot and we will be very happy for each one. It is never too late to exercise our solidarity, citizenship and empathy!

From now on, we would like to thank everyone who can collaborate! We will be able to give Danilo and his family a little happiness, love and compassion. If you can't help, share as many times as possible to reach more people. This will help a lot, too, and may everyone have a lot of peace and light this Christmas and New Year. Together we are stronger! " Michel Villares, Bruno Toledo, Harrison Duarte and Doug D'Magalhães

DEATH CONSPIRACY was a Brutal Technical Death Metal project, initially formed as a trio in ABC Paulista (region of greater São Paulo), in 2016, by Bruno Toledo (guitar), Harrison Duarte (guitar) and Dough D'Magalhães (drums) ). His goal since formation was to show a brutal, technical work within Death Metal, running away from the simplistic traditionalism enshrined in style and abusing riffs, scales with abrupt changes of rhythm. With the entrance of the vocalist, bassist and renowned producer Michel Villares (X-Empire, Silence Tempest and Raiging Evil), also owner of M&H Studio , in 2018, the band really met musically. With due proportions, it would be as if Death, by the late Chuck Schuldiner and one of the group's greatest influences, still existed and continued to modernize and incorporate several sound ranges, such as Djent and Industrial, all of which were equipped with colossal and crystalline. "Living To Explain " , one of the first compositions already as a quartet, surpassed the expectations of the musicians so much that the initial project concept was quickly aborted, becoming a really solid and prolific band. In October 2020, "Living To Explain" was released as a single and video, while the band is still in the process of recording their first EP "Intolerance" , which is expected to be released later this year. And, even with the coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing the world, the DEATH CONSPIRACY machine has not stopped and continues to prepare itself more and more, rehearsing to start its marathon of shows and also composing ten new songs for the launch of its first full album ever titled, "Into The Oblivion" . Get ready, because DEATH CONSPIRACY , the new monster of Brazilian technical brutality, will do a "damage"!

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"Intolerance" (EP) tracklist is:

1- Arise From Extinction
2- Intolerance
3- Obsession
4- Where The Demons Resides
5- Living To Explain
6- The Thousand Truths

Mixing, mastering, art direction and production by Michel Villares (MeH Studio)
Edited by Dough D'Magalhães and Ricky Franco
Logo by Caio Garibaldi (Garibaldi Tattoo Studio)

Fans of bands such as Death in their technical phase, Cannibal Corpse , Abysmal Dawn , Hate Eternal , Meshuggah , Decapitated, Krisiun and Fear Factory will plunge headlong into the sound of DEATH CONSPIRACY , a truly breathtaking and brutal breathtaking hecatomb!


Michel Villares - Vocal and Bass
Bruno Toledo - Guitar
Harrison Duarte - Guitar
Dough D'Magalhães - Drums and Backing Vocals


“Living To Explain ” (Single / 2020)
“Intolerance” (EP / 2020)
“Into The Oblivion” (Album / 2021)



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