Ex-Acheron vocalist Vincent Crowley signs with Odium Records as the next stage of his dark career begins. Tuesday December 22 2020, 11:14 AM
Ex-Acheron vocalist Vincent Crowley signs with Odium Records as the next stage of his dark career begins.

The name Vincent Crowley is surely known to all fans of black and death metal. The once ordained priest in the Church Of Satan lead the arcane gods of Acheron through thrity years of darkness, creating sinister music for the black of heart. Acheron played their final show in 2019 and now Crowley is ready to return with his new musical venture, the Vincent Crowley Band and a debut album entitled, naturally, Beyond Acheron. Crowley has signed a pact with Odium Records for this new stage in his career and the label have proudly issued this official statement...

" After 30 years of fronting Black / Death Metal underground legends  Acheron , lead vocalist Vincent Crowley put the group to the rest to pursue a solo career with the Vincent Crowley Band. Back from the blacked abyss, this new musical entity veers to a different dark path from his past work. Instead, the material is influenced by all kinds of metal music and is hard to be automatically lumped into any certain genre. Along with their macabre music, a visual stage show of horror is planned for live performances. Beyond Acheron was recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios with Joe Viers as producer. The eight track album combines a dark sound with a great production.  Lyrically, Beyond Acheron is concept album. It climbs the rungs of the ladder of death. From beginning to end it takes the listener on a ghastly journey with somber tales of doom, casting a Poe-esque shadow. The album is going to be released on the 28th of May as a digi pack cd, limited Wooden Box, Lp and on all digital platforms. "

2021 is already set to be an exciting year for Odium Records with the label also announcing the spring release of a new album from reborn Norwegian black/thrash beasts Vulture Lord - Desecration Rites! Watch as the darkness unfolds...

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