FULCI: Italian death metallers to perform free livestream set this Sunday, December 27th Tuesday December 22 2020, 10:28 AM
FULCI: Italian death metallers to perform free livestream set this Sunday, December 27th

Italian death metallers FULCI will close out the year with a free virtual concert experience this Sunday, December 27th, celebrating the new reissue of their acclaimed second LP, "Tropical Sun" (Time To Kill Records).
The live set will be streamed on YouTube and Instagram. Director Salvatore Delle Femmine will be mixing the band's performance with clips taken by Lucio Fulci's masterpieces such as "Zombi 2" and "City of the Living Dead".
Tune in this Sunday, December 27th at 9pm CET to witness the onslaught.
Moreover, FULCI have just released a new 'Biohazard Edition' of the aforementioned sophomore album, "Tropical Sun". This new edition is limited to 300 copies and comes in a special biohazard waste disposal bag containing CD, fanzine, pin and sticker.
The fanzine included in this special edition is a folding poster that can become a booklet if cut where indicated. The fanzine is limited to 999 hand numbered and stamped copies. This item will be attached to more releases currently in the pipeline while supplies last.
The graphic project was overseen by Studio Ascionemagro (instagram: @ascionemagro / website:  https://ascionemagro.com/ ). Concept by FULCI.

timetokillrecords.bigcartel. com/product/fulci-tropical- sun-biohazard-limited-edition https://tropicalsun.bandcamp. com/releases
FULCI are also working on new material, including a new single and a short film. Additionally, 2021 will see the release of a reissue of the first album, "Opening the Hell Gates", and most importantly, another studio release. More details on all these projects will be revealed soon!
FULCI's last video, "Apocalypse Zombie", is still available at  THIS LOCATION .
The clip was shot by Salvatore Delle Femmine during the release party for "Tropical Sun" in Milan.
FULCI line-up:
Dome - Guitar, Synth
Fiore - Vocals
Klem - Bass
- Incubus in the Surgery Room / City of the Living Dead EP (2014)
- Opening the Hell Gates (2015)
- Tropical Sun (2019)


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