PULSE: “Adjusting The Space” - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla Web Zine! Sunday December 13 2020, 6:32 PM
PULSE: “Adjusting The Space” - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla Web Zine!

MDPR Clients: PULSE : “Adjusting The Space” - Reviewed By Rocka Rolla Web Zine ! check it out here at this link: https://rockarollazine.blogspot.com/2020/10/pulse-adjusting-space-2020-nrt-records.html

Interesting, and to a certain extent novel, I work on this “Adjusting the space”, which Pulse offers us. And who are Pulse? Apparently under that name hides the band led by the Austrian Nemesis, known mainly for his black band Astaroth, and from the start we must recognize a capacity to go beyond simple self-copying since it sounds quite personal as a whole, although in certain moments can remember diverse and varied bands.
As a solo project, Nemesis has a more or less stable band at his command, but it also has a varied cast of guest musicians who add nuances to this album.

Focusing on music, this “Adjusting the space” is a strange concept album about aliens, outer space, intergalactic travel and the future of the human race escaping from Earth in search of a new world, a story that I personally I find it a bit ridiculous and that the album cover does not help me see with better eyes. However, this is one of those albums that is worth listening to focusing exclusively on music and forgetting these aspects at the end and the secondary ends.

And you have to admit it: it's a good album. I'm not sure if it really achieves the unitary effect that an album of these characteristics requires, but the songs are well composed, well executed, well produced. That is the essential.

Perhaps because of its theme, the album begins by reminding me of Powerman 5000 (Spider's group, Rob Zombie's brother and with a similar theme), but there is more, much more, since as the album passes other influences (Fear Factory, Johnny Violent, Rammstein, Pain) appear one dropper, resulting in interesting work from beginning to end. And it is something that is not found every day. - Rocka Rolla

PULSE act with their new Cyber Future Metal Single “New Elastic Freak” along with its music video in a bizarre interplay between sexual disorder and alien-obduction

Last Week, the release of the new PULSE single “ New Elastic Freak ” is the third one taken from the brilliant Cyber Future Metal album “ Adjusting The Space ”, to be released via NRT-Records on November 6th, 2020. The ambiguous “ New Elastic Freak ” is about a psychopathic sexual disorder with a sex doll resp. the examination of a dead alien body. This ecstatically intense single is not only recommended to fans of Rammstein , Pain or The Kovenant . Now, get captivated by the galactic overlords’ PULSE with their brand-new Sci-Fi music video and its bizarre interplay of dark live scenes and strange alien sequences:

The brand new PULSE single “New Elastic Freak” with the excellent cover by Illustrator Nurul Hidayat is now available as a third cosmic foretaste of the upcoming album at the following download stores and streaming services: Amazon (DE) | Amazon (US) | Spotify | Apple Music & iTunes | Deezer | Tidal | Qobuz | YouTube Music

Founded in 2014 by Nemesis , the mastermind of the Austrian Black Metal band Astaroth , PULSE quickly laid the foundation for the crossbreeding of Cyberpunk and Metal . With their 2015 debut album “ Extinction Level Event ”, released through CCP Records , they left a lasting impression on the Gothic , Electro and Metal scene. Besides vocalist and guitarist Nemesis , bassist Vidar , drummer Pulsar and guitarist Dom are members of the PULSE squad to bring the sound of their home planet closer to mankind. With futuristic drum sounds, heavy guitars and a scratchy diabolical voice that fits the alien overlord image well, the Austrians create a brute, yet incredibly dance-able Industrial Electro Metal sound that is well suited for the extra-terrestrial conquerors. Live on stage they already left their extraterrestrial traces on the Schattenwelt Festival in Vienna or the legendary Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. After numerous concerts, it was time to ring in the next phase of the terrestrial conquest and so PULSE retreated to CCP Studio in late summer 2019 to produce “Adjusting The Space” with Claus Prellinger (Dornenreich, Jack Frost, Thirdmoon). Coming from Industrial Cyber Metal and blowing fresh wind into this genre, PULSE release an album that will not only convince fans of the Industrial scene. The single “ Black Night ”, “ We Won’t Come In Peace ” and today’s “ New Elastic Freak ” give you an idea of what kind of cosmic masterpiece you can look forward to in early November. Welcome our new intergalactic overlords!

“Adjusting The Space” featuring the distinctive artwork of Richard Touzimsk and its thirteen songs can already be pre-ordered at the following stores: Amazon (DE) | Nuclear Blast | Thalia | Saturn | Media Markt | Buecher.de | Weltbild | JPC | WOM | Grooves | MyMediaWelt.de | CeDe | ExLibris | Amazon (US) | MVD | Record Store Day | Craft & Vinyl | Vintage Vinyl | FYE | ElectricFetus.com | Barnes & Noble | Plastic Head | Fnac | iMusic.dk | SuperShop.sk | Google Play | Qobuz

Find out more about Pulse at these links:

Web: https://www.pulse-galaxy.com

Infopage + Audio: https://nrt-records.com/info/pulse/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pulseaustria/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pulseaustria/

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