Sebastian Bach: Concerts Are Very Different Now That Everyone Films Everything With a Phone Sunday September 24 2017, 1:10 PM
Sebastian Bach: Concerts Are Very Different Now That Everyone Films Everything With a Phone

Sebastian Bach talked about the current state of live shows, telling Heavy Mag:

"These days everybody films everything.

"Everybody's filming on their cell phones so you've gotta be really thinking about making a perfect video for everyone.

"It's a different kind of vibe when you play live now with everybody holding their cell phones up in the air... it's just different."

"A live show is not the same as recording a record and fans - I don't know if they understand that. [Laughs]

"When I'm making a record, I'm not running around and jumping and doing raps and getting the crowd going.

"It's a completely different art so when I'm making a record I'm standing there and singing the lines ten times and taking the best one but at concerts, fans wanna hold their phone up and get 'KISS Alive' footage and phones aren't designed to do that.

"I've filmed a lot of concert footage on my phone and I watch not a lot of it. [Laughs]

"I like to put out live footage but I want it to be filmed right. If you go to my YouTube page - there's tons of live clips that I've put up there that sound good or ones that I've seen that I like.

"Sometimes you'll get a good one but most of the time they're standing too close to the PA system and it sounds like shit and it looks like shit and there’s no point in uploading something like looks and sounds shit.

"That's just the bottom line.

"One thing that I have to say is frustrating is when Blabbermouth or other websites say 'Fan-Filmed Footage' and put it up but they won't put up your new video. [Laughs]

"Why should you judge a band on somebody's cell phone video but you don't judge them on their new video? That's backward."

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