Sick Society - Streaming At That Metal Station! Sunday December 6 2020, 1:06 PM
Sick Society - Streaming At That Metal Station!

MDPR Clients: Sick Society - Streaming At That Metal Station! check it out here at this link:

Sick Society Is Band Of The Month December 2020 On MDR! Coming in with a totally devastating 11,353 votes!

In 2016 The Preacher and The Saviour locked themselves in a dark and humid cellar and started to compose songs of an extremely violent nature. After a few weeks, an old friend, The Planner, joined the band as bass player. His great musical culture brought a new and strange direction to the Sick-Music. Last but not least, The Executioner joined the band in 2019, in order to give a different approach and the fundamental contribution of an Old School Thrasher! Now, from the bowels of city turmoil, tired of a decadent and mediocre humanity governed by false values, money and power, Sick Society think it’s time to get out from their offices and bring people their original PRIMITIVE METAL.

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