Best Uses of Metal Music in Popular Media Saturday December 5 2020, 3:20 PM
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Best Uses of Metal Music in Popular Media

It pretty clear to everyone at this point that metal music is more than just that. While for a long time metal music got a bad rep and was associated with negative labels, attitudes are changing, and people are finally seeing that the metal community isn’t just a band of misfits trying to cause trouble. Since most fans feel deeply connected to the music they love, seeing it introduced and accepted by mainstream media is a major positive. If you’re a metal fan interested in seeing where it’s making rounds these days, here are some of the popular media where it’s currently common.

Casino Games

It’s always good to see metal music being appreciated by all kinds of audiences, which is why it’s such an interesting thing to see metal make its way into casino games! Online casino games have been gaining lots of traction these days, and thanks to that, new casino games are being released often. If you want to have a shot at classics like Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette, try out this website . Something you shouldn’t be surprised when playing a slot game in an online casino is hearing some iconic metal tunes in the background! 

With themed slots being the go-to for many casino fans, you’ll find that metal-themed slots aren’t a rarity! These slots not only use the greatest hits from big bands to set the mood, but they also incorporate trademark elements from these musical legends that make their way into the gameplay!

TV & Movies

This one might be a bit obvious, but it can’t go unmentioned. The most mainstream media you can find metal these days is TV & movies. Sure, while there is a ton of TV content that is specifically aimed at fans of the genre, which we appreciate, we’re not talking about that. It’s not uncommon to see metal soundtracks today being used in popular movies that fall under the genres of comedy, romance, or fantasy, genres that most people don’t exactly associate with metal.

Of course, there are also a few genres where metal thrives. Action flicks for example are perfect fits for metal music, and we often see the two go hand in hand. The heavy riffs and electrifying tunes do wonders to enhance the thrill of action-heavy scenes, and we can’t help but be grateful for the experience. 

Video Games

It’s not just the world of gambling that metal has found success in, but the wider world of gaming in general. As one of the most popular hobbies of the 21st century, it’s safe to say that a ton of people that play video games get the catchy soundtracks stuck in their heads. For metal, specifically budding metal bands looking to get their names out there, getting featured in video games happens very often! One franchise where metal music is a running theme is Devil May Cry, so if you’re in the mood for hack and slash action, check out the very well-received latest release.

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