Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase released a new single! Wednesday December 2 2020, 5:03 AM
Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase released a new single!

Promo pic by Esa Pitkälä
Alase continues a series of digital single releases with a progressive newcomer, "Poissa silmistä". In addition to progressiveness, the song introduces darker and heavier sides of the band’s expression. Although there are more dark colours this time, the hope is still not forgotten. The lyrics of the song deal with things like forest fires that are raging around the world. Vocals on this song are performed by Juha Tretjakov, who is an experienced musician and currently a vocalist in new melodic death metal band Vansidian.
Guitarist Janne Lunnas shares some thoughts about the song:
"I composed the basic structure of the song "Poissa silmistä" pretty quickly during the late summer. We began to work on the arrangements of the song with our drummer and bass player in August. The song required several arrangement sessions, as this one is rhythmically the most challenging track Alase has done so far. Lyrics of the song were written by Anni Aho already during last year. We recorded Juha Tretjakov’s vocals during one evening in Tampere, so it went quickly and smoothly. We had a creative atmosphere in this session in which we were able to improve several parts of the song from the demo version. The whole band is really happy with the result and we can't wait for the song to be released!"
Now as there are no shows coming up for a while due to the pandemic, it’s a good time to focus on making new music and there are several songs under construction. Alase will be releasing singles at the pace when the songs get completed.
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