Too Dumb to like Metal HELLCAST Episode Friday November 13 2020, 11:04 AM
Too Dumb to like Metal HELLCAST Episode

J Dawg used to take a lot of photos at shows in the 2000s and some have been used in Hells Headbangers reissues like Mortician and Exhumed. So we finally get to take a look into his personal photo album. As you should follow Reaper Metal Productions on social media, perhaps like J Dawg you do not, so we do a catch up of the latest questions that only nerds like Reaper would ask i.e, "Are 2 on 1 CDs pointless?" It is said to be 4 9 seconds this time but I think it really is 1 9 seconds plus the conversation which dropped a new J Dawg 1 liner, the namesake of this episode, if you're too dumb to like metal then you are too smart to like HELLCAST.
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