Canada’s Within Nostalgia Have a Cold New Album “Void and Decay” To Compliment The Oncoming Winter Monday November 9 2020, 12:00 AM
Canada’s Within Nostalgia Have a Cold New Album “Void and Decay” To Compliment The Oncoming Winter

L-R - Kye Bell (Lead Guitar/ Bass), Alyssa Broere (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
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As the snow begins to fall across their home country of Canada, Within Nostalgia gear up to release their second album “Void and Decay”.

Formed as a creative outlet for negative emotions, Within Nostalgia came about from the desire to look into the past for a different perspective today. The band expects this offering to be received with curiosity and hopefully with an open mind. Their music, especially this album, has an immense range of genres within it, and being a two-piece collaboration, “Void and Decay” brings on a different dynamic and feel.

The tracks on this album reflect a certain time in the duo’s lives. “Void and Decay” portrays the two extremes; the void is the destined path of our society whereas the decay represents the result of the chaos in the world we live in. The lyrics come from a personal expression that encompasses many forms of emotion and observation as well as relating these things to nature. The inspiration comes from self-reflection and the reflection of the world around us, turning negative events and emotions into something relatable.

The single “Desideratum” was written by Bell shortly after the release of the last album and is the song used for the official single video. The song features heavy guitar riffs, double bass, and harsh vocals with a break just over halfway building up into a furious bridge riff. It ends with the chorus riff into a dead stop. The band explains the single further:

“Desideratum means something that is needed or wanted and lyrically it relates to the current state of society with the pandemic and that things like this are necessary to teach us a lesson and to depopulate for the better of the earth.”

The dark and thoughtful music of Within Nostalgia is recommended for fans of Woods Of Ypres, Agalloch, and My Dying Bride.

The music video for “Desideratum” can be viewed via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE

The full album “Void & Decay” comes out on December 18, 2020.

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Track Listing:
1. City of Nameless Faces (5:25)
2. Beneath Unworthy Presence (5:55)
3. BlackLight (6:51)
4. Higher Than My Fears (7:31)
5. Desideratum (6:09)
Album Length: 31:53  

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