ACCEPT | New Single 'Too Mean To Die' Available | Band Available For Interviews Friday November 6 2020, 12:35 PM
ACCEPT | New Single 'Too Mean To Die' Available | Band Available For Interviews

In uncertain times like these you can rely on  ACCEPT  to deliver the goods - they will not let anything or anyone get them down, not even a virus.

Metal legends  ACCEPT  prove this definitively with brand new track  "Too Mean To Die" ! Released as an advance single today, it is intended both as a gift to fans and to wet the appetite for their full-length masterpiece, their 16th studio album  'Too Mean To Die' , which will be released on January 15th 2021 via  Nuclear Blast

"Too Mean To Die"  is a track full of unrestrained power and pure energy, certain to rip you out of all lethargy and any corona depression, no sooner than the first note hits.

ACCEPT  mastermind  Wolf Hoffmann  explains:  "We decided to not let ourselves be overly influenced by current events. Fans will get a hard, direct and uncompromising metal album, but of course accompanied with a wink: we are too mean to die! Weeds do not go away! ACCEPT do not let themselves get down!"

That's exactly how the title track comes across: driving, uncompromising, turned up to twelve! With a feeling of invincibility -  "Too Mean To Die" !!


Wolf Hoffmann - guitar
Mark Tornillo – vocals
Uwe Lulis – guitar
Philip Shouse - guitar
Martin Motnik – bass
Christopher Williams – drums


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