Betelzeus "Congolese Sterilization " out on vinyl November 5th Interstellar Smoke Records Release: 5 November 2020 Friday November 6 2020, 12:30 PM
Betelzeus "Congolese Sterilization " out on vinyl November 5th Interstellar Smoke Records Release: 5 November 2020

Betelzeus was founded in 2014 in the city of Lahti, Finland by Jirko (guitar) and Joonas (vox). After years of fighting with mental health issues and other problems the first album 'Congolese Sterilization' was released in the beginning of 2019. During this time, the band had expanded to four members when Efe (drums) and Toni (bass) joined the group.

The debut album 'Congolese Sterilization' contains a huge wall of feedbacking guitars, black metal worshipping vocals and progressive song structures. The genre of the album settled somewhere between sludge and doom metal. The first run of self-released cassettes sold out fast and the band was noted in Finnish underground music scene. The second cassette edition came out in late summer 2019. In the fall of the same year Betelzeus signed with Interstellar Smoke Records for a CD and LP release. Almost after two years after the original cassette release, the LP edition is out with a new vinyl master by James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD, etc). The album sounds better than ever.

"The debut, self- released album of Betelzeus was also a true revelation. Starting with its title 'Congolese Sterilization' the album's subject is immediately political, referring to the demeaning act of sterilization that is practiced in Congo to this day. The sound of this album surpasses the 'confines' of doom metal, embraces progressive rock experimentation and even adds news' excerpts within the structure of their songs. Expect a slow-moving, noisy 'guitar' wall that sometimes becomes even slower and even heavier, which the distorted vocals are 'ripping' apart with every 'cry' and every sound!" 

Fast forward to today, Betelzeus has teamed up with internationally acclaimed Interstellar Smoke Records once more to breath new life into this Doom Metal mastery by releasing it on vinyl. 250 limited copies will be pressed in castillo and transparent violet with a gatefold sleeve and bonus CD which will be released November 5th and available at
-Blaue Rosen websize

"Joonas (vox), Jirko (guitar), Toni (bass), and Efe (drums) are town cryers, newsies for our modern times. Very angry about local and worldwide atrocities, as in “Earth Torn Up and The Sky Is Bleeding Black.” The last track on Congolese Sterilization, “All You Got(…And It’s All You Get)” is hypnotic and haunting, washing away in fading reverb and feedback – a decrescendo of disdain and bitterness. I can say after listening to the band’s debut, I am now a new fan Betelzeus!"
-Shawn Gibson, Doomed & Stoned

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