Bluntface Records Sits Down With The Zach Moonshine Show To Talk About All Things Bluntface And More! Saturday September 9 2017, 4:09 PM
Bluntface Records Sits Down With The Zach Moonshine Show To Talk About All Things Bluntface And More!

CEO of Bluntface Records Haniel calls in to The Zach Moonshine Show to talk about the label and more also features Glen Mitchell from Isolated Antagonist, Ed Mowery of Tiwanaku, re: New Pontifex bassist and Darnell of Baleful Litany. They talk about the metal scene in Florida on the eve of hurricane Irma and much much more.

Bluntface Records is an organization founded by Otto Kinzel. Bluntface supports independent musicians and artists that strive to create content outside the mainstream. No pre-formulated requirements; no generic templates. Bluntface strives to provide a forum for those artists who think and act "left-of-center" and need a home for their avant-garde projects. Currently Bluntface Records is open to working with any artists of any genre that yearn for quality of content over quantity, and who feel like they need "someone who understands."

In 2003 Bluntface Records released The First Compilation, a CD featuring 20 tracks from 14 New England-based artists. Crossing multiple genres, from metal to rap to industrial, the compilation showcased what a label can accomplish when it's willing to look past strict financial concerns and work with people who believe in their own message and themselves. This culminated in a headlining performance by then Bluntface Records artist Wormdr1v3 at the Sick As Sin Metal Fest in Lowell, MA, alongside Dying Fetus and From A Second Story Window.

In that time Bluntface released albums by Wormdr1v3 (industrial/metal), Optic Rose (electronic-folk rock), Fernco (hip-hip/shock-core), Bob Dwyer (electronic/psychedelic rock) and the Burden of Liberty seven song promotional EP. Other releases include the New England is Wicked Pissed compilation CD (in conjunction with Return To The Pit), the Redline 4 Life motorcycle stunt DVD, and Cellblock One's promotional DVD.

In 2006 Bluntface went on hiatus, allowing for Otto to focus more on his own music, which had taken a back seat running the label.

Bluntface was re-launched in the Spring of 2009, supporting Chemical Distance and releasing their debut full length album, The Pain & The Progress, March 2010 and the follow up E.P. This Program Is Not Responding in 2011. Bluntface also released the 2011 full-length album from Lucretia's Daggers and Otto Kinzel's first true solo album, the Zodiac Killer inspired We Are All Doomed.

In 2012, Bluntface has signed Boston based Aggro-Industrial band Virus Cycle, and Otto Kinzel will be producing the band's second album, scheduled for release in the Fall. In addition, Bluntface is releasing the compilation album GET TURNED ON: Music From The Underground, and the side-project KINZEL v VIRUM, which consists of Otto Kinzel and Johnny Virum (Virus Cycle) teaming up for an Industrial/Metal project.

In March of 2017, label founder and Owner Otto Kinzel IV, the main man behind the critically acclaimed metal-industrial project Skin Drone, stepped down as the leader of Bluntface Records, and turned over the label to new CEO of Bluntface Records is Haniel Adhar, the visionary leader behind Markradonn. This was a natural progression as Haniel always had a dream of running a label that supported underground and independent artists with a personal vision for their musical expression. “I cannot think of anyone else who would be better suited for this job than Haniel. His work ethic and passion are unparalleled”, said Otto.

Listen to the full interview here!

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